Making of Nostalgia Critic: Planet of the Apes

Doug and Spoony monkey around.

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  1. I loved seeing Spoony again, I hope he’s doing well. I only really watch Doug’s videos on this site, I if he’s been back for a while or if this is the first people have seen him since he left, I honestly have no idea. I just remember a send-off message saying Spoony left Channel Awesome and felt really sad about it. Good to see he’s back, and hopefully it’s not just for a cameo!

    It was great seeing Doug dress up as Thade, the costume was awesome XD But seeing him and Terl running for office just killed me! So amazing ^_^

    • Spoony has done some cameos on Channel Awesome since he left but I don’t think he is coming back but if you are interested he has his own website and his youtube channel Noah Antwiler

      • Oh, OK 🙂 That’s fine, I’m glad he still has relations with the people in Channel Awesome. I figured he wasn’t coming back to the site (since I believe he got fired in the first place) but it’s still good to see him, he always steals the show for me, even if I’m not fond of his own videos. For some reason he is always funnier to me in crossovers <3

  2. Finding Robert Downey Jr’s career in buckets of cocaine. You think we should bring Snowflame here to do this.

  3. I think The Nostalgia Critic should review the 2004 version of The Phantom Of The Opera. He allways makes fun of gerard butlers singing next to micheal crawfords singing. Plus they could do another musical review. As an added bonus Joel schumacher directed this..(no i do not hate this movie i actually can tollerate Gerard Butler’s singing a little bit more than Crawford’s) It just would be a really interesting review to see. He hasnt done a musical review since les miserables. And I am sure Brentalfloss could come up with alot of songs for this. (Linkara could sing Wishing I was somehow in the review) JUST FOR EXAMPLE. COME ON NOSTALGIA CRITIC YOU KNOW YOU HATE THIS DIRECTOR YOU ARE GOING TO HATE THE MOVIE. Please can you do this review I’m sure you’ll get more views.

  4. Ever notice how Goofy hats always make it look like the beloved Disney character is devouring your head?

  5. I have long lost my love for spoony. I know a lot of people like him but the rate he uploads videos is not something I enjoy and he did something over social media and really twisted my nerves something heavy. I don’t watch his content and he is fine in cross overs but in his own videos no.

  6. Little known fact about the chocolate thing: Hershey’s, when they were founded back in the 1800s, their industrial process of making chocolate required super heating the milk, which made it sour. But because they were the first mass produced brand and the ONLY brand many rural Americans knew back in the day, there was HUGE backlash when the technology improved to avoid souring the milk. Other brands imitate the flavor, and these days Hershey’s artificially adds the sour-taste.

    Yeah, that’s what I took away from all this xD

  7. Please please please come to England for a con!

  8. I second that, please come to England for a con!!!

  9. it is time for belgium people with there chocolates sending to Doug’s office because that is more best and yes i am Dutch guy that love Belgium chocolates 😀

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