Making of Nostalgia Critic: Rise of the Commercials

Could it be we found someone actually good at Skip-It?

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  1. Oh thank gosh these are on this new website too. These are just the best

  2. SheWhoWorshipsCarlin

    When I worked on the White Christmas play nearby my hometown I was the one to make it snow at the end. It was my favorite part of working tech for it.
    The “snow” was put in a hammock type thing and I had to pull a rope which made it rock back and forth and snow. Well, the first time we practiced, I took the rope in hand and pulled, then suddenly the rope was only in my hand. Through the barn doors an avalanche came from the ceiling/sky. Needless to say our director lost his mind laughing.

    I think I was good at the original Skip It, but I never owned one, I only could use it when I borrowed it from other friends.

    I always thought the Cambell’s soup snowman commercial was creepy. I assume that’s what you’re referencing in the kitchen.

    And I actually like Nickelback… The Dark Horse album is pretty good.

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