Making of Nostalgia Critic: Sharkboy and Lavagirl

My dad has breasts…that is all.

See the review here –

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  1. I admit I’d be lying if I wasn’t aroused by Barney’s breasts.

  2. I’m seeing Barney with boobs in the thumbnail. I expect great things from this video.

  3. What is the story on the game Show is it something that is going to be on a DVD or is it going on the Website.

  4. I’m sure he continued to remind you both that Father’s Day is around the corner the entire time (possibly while pointing at a picture of a fishing boat).

  5. Why don’t you do a revie of Little Hercules 3-D? Or maybe do a whole Uwe Boll month?

    • He tends to review Uwe Boll films with Spoony and Linkara, and unless the two of them stay for more than a week I doubt he’ll be getting a monthes worth of videos out with them.

  6. I don’t know if anyone from the site reads the comments (well, I think Rob does occasionally), but I just want you guys to know that I have had an absolutely HORRIBLE day today, and I come onto this site, watch some videos and feel far better than I did before. Thank you so much for making both the NC episodes and the Behind the Scenes, they make me smile on even my most stressful days 🙂

  7. Oh, okay. So Barney in drag is for a side project. I was going to type “I don’t remember lady Barney being in the review”. My how old age is apparently 28. I’m 18, almost 19. I can’t believe that that newscaster guy said that. I mean, some women are happier at home, but that shouldn’t be said about all women. Yikes. Anyways, this video was hilarious. Look at Barney taking one for the team.

  8. I can’t get over how much your Dad looks like Colin Baker

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