Making of Nostalgia Critic – Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

It might be hard to believe, but used some green screen in this one. Here is what went on in the Star Wars Force Awakens review.

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  1. Am I really the first to comment? Must be something wrong with this new computer. Yeah, long story. I was wondering why it took so long for you to make one of these. Oh yeah, you were having trouble with YouTube! It’s so adorable to see you opening Christmas presents.

  2. Barney really should appear in more sketches. Especially if gets to do drag again!

  3. YES! This was the first clip-less review that I loved and the behind-the-scenes were just as funny. 😀

  4. Rob’s hat is a christmas pudding. It’s a thing we eat here in the UK on Christmas Day, we pour brandy on it once it’s cooked, then light it on fire and once the fire has burned away all the alcohol we serve it up with brandy cream. So yes Rob, us Brits are “Hardcore” even at Christmas.

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