Making of Nostalgia Critic: The Matrix

It’s always best to blend in wearing a ton of leather.

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  1. This a great look at the making of these two episodes. There’s a certain corny joke I could probably say, but it would be too “corny”. I’ll let you fill in the blank.

  2. You all look get in Leather.

  3. Yay! I’ve been missing these! I liked the first and second Matrix movies because they looked cool and had good action scenes. The third movie’s action scenes were ugh. No, fashion-wise, jackets are short and coat are AT LEAST mid-thigh length. Doug/Rob’s dad is right. I’ve never heard of Clutch Cargo.

  4. Wow! We can actually hear the outfits squeaking. It’s not just post.

  5. Sorry, but the speeches line was funnier.

    • See, just because I didn’t like the strawman fan character and thought it was petty, doesn’t mean I can’t see the humor in the actual flaws. The Speechification is overdone.

  6. It’s a shame there were no sequels made to the Matrix movies.

  7. Looking good in the leather guys! Looking forward to the Matrix Reloaded review!

  8. Malcolm really have a thing for being bad ass, he has that straight face, with steel eyes, and sweet low voice, but with his easy going attitude, he remind me of Hugh Jackman ;).

  9. good gravy doug, bend your knees and lift with your legs!! it’s alarmingly easy to mess up your back if you lift the way you did when moving those things out of the way for the shot.

  10. Interesting, but he could’ve spent a little more time doing his research as opposed to filming. Seriously, I still can’t believe you said Kate Moss instead of Carrie-Anne.

  11. Someone needs to draw Derpy Horns and post it on here for the pony bump.

  12. My philosophy teacher in high school hated this movie so you’re not alone. I liked it. I find this movie cool… It was at the time it came out at least.

  13. I wonder if this was the 16th or 17th time you’ve filmed it?

  14. Even after all this time it is a validation to find other people who don’t like this movie. I didn’t and never have. I was sitting in the theater feeling like I was in the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Trying to escape detection and yet at the same time wanting to say out loud how bad things are. The stupidity of the characters was only surpassed by the laughable philosophy and speeches.
    I felt insulted that the film makers thoughts they could blind me tot he films flaws with special affects and violence. They didn’t even follow the scifi logic of their own lame world logic. Within the first few minutes they tossed it out the window their own rules. Presenting trite played out ideas as something brilliant and revolutionary. What makes me smile is showing them the MST3K episode “Overdrawn at the memory bank” and pointing out its the exact same thing. Just with a much bigger budget. And at least Raul Julia can emote.
    THANK you for doing these two videos.

  15. It’s funny that the Nostalgia Critic mentioned Big Hero 6 cause in my crossover fan fiction “Hottie 5: Fifty Shades of Epic” the cast of Channel Awesome, led by the Nostalgia Critic, form an alliance with the Big hero 6 in order to stop a great evil.

  16. i also did not like the Matrix movies.. didn’t exactly hate it but just didn’t think it was anything special, especially after all the hype.

  17. S’funny to me that one of the biggest things I remember when this movie came out was I bought it VHS first. Then someone showed it to me on DVD. My brain was blown. Kinda right in that transition period.

    Ah good ol’ VHS and all your grainy glory. You will be remembered, but probably not missed very much.

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