Making of Nostalgia Critic: TMNT 2014

What was it like to once again film with the Nerd?

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  1. NC and AVN work so well together. I like that You guys seemed so free and cracked each other up.

  2. Seriously, you guys need to join forces on camera more.

  3. Awesome to see James and Doug working together again.

  4. did you eat the pizza after that….be honest

  5. I really wish you guys could get Ernie Reyes, Jr. if you do the sequel and reenact the opening of Turtles II. lol

  6. This BTS needs more Rob.

    … wait a minute. Where is he!?

  7. I don’t like the Nerd character itself but I like the dude who plays him. To me, these bloopers were way funnier than any of his jokes in the actual review. So, um… who is this Justin guy and that one chick? Are they friends of James? Plus, Yay for Malcolm not being in a dress for once. Haha, jk.

  8. They actually did have a white human Bebop on the old TMNT show in at least on episode. I’m not sure if it was done for PC reasons or if they just screwed up.

    When Playmates started rereleasing the old TMNT figures a few years ago, they released a promo image with a Shredder that was colored both shirtless and PANTLESS.

  9. you guys are like Daffy duck and bugs bunny!……that makes linkara porky the pig?!

  10. I love these Behind the Scenes so much, especially when you have other people in the show 😀 And it was awesome to see the Cartoon Guy! I love his kids show!

  11. I am super curious as to how you guys made/where you bought the shredder mask. it would actually work pretty well with a ton of other costumes…

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