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Disney Live Action Remake Month starts with one of their earliest hits. Just because it made a lot of money though doesn’t mean it’s so magical.

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  1. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Yeah I hate this movie too.

  2. Than you’re very conservative Critic.

  3. Than you’re a conservative devil Critic because you like to enjoy negative fictional characters just because villains sometimes are more interesting than the heroes, even though the villains almost always get defeated in an agonizing death, so the real question is: What’s wrong with a little more modern Revisionism with a capital “R”? in this complex day in age, it was 2014 from 1959, 55 years had passed between those films and so radical changes had to occur, even by the Walt Disney Company standards.

  4. In my personal opinion, this movie could have been better if they went a more brutal route. They obviously show that Maleficent is a badass guardian, but what if she wasn’t quite so powerful? What if she lost to the humans and they cut off her wings, forcing her to run away? Then when she approaches the other fairies to pursue revenge against them, she’s denied what she wants, sending her over the edge and she bides her time, regaining strength. Then she sees an opportunity with Aurora to get revenge and curses her. Then the rest of the movie could have followed the format of the original but darker, like her fairy godmothers taking the child to protect her in the interest of continued peace, but also to keep her away from her kingdom’s dark past, Maleficent doesn’t find out where she is until much later (like the original), Aurora and the prince get more development and screen-time (just saying, SOMETHING might be actually updated here), and Maleficent gets her tragic backstory but instead of a human breaking her heart she feels betrayed by the fairies and their passive reaction to her pain, and turns evil because those she protected with everything she had threw her away in the interest of promoting peace with the humans that took her wings. No forming a bond with Aurora (wretched human that she is), no half-assed curse (the original curse was fine in my opinion), no dumb-ass characters (the fairies need a re-write, seriously…) and make the future prince a GOOD person who actually falls for her and is an improvement on what humans used to be (but have her FATHER kiss her forehead instead, showing that he has grown as a person because his love for his daughter broke the spell), proving to Maleficent that humans can change before she’s slain as a threat to humans and general peace. Hey, you want to make her a good person deep down? Give her the dying words: “You had better prove to be an improvement on what your kind used to be. I refuse to die… to less. And any of my power that lingers will hunt you down if you stray!” It’s corny I know, there’s a reason I’m not a writer XD 100% my opinion guys, not gonna knock you if you disagree. Feel free to like the movie or believe no amount of reworking will make it good, I just think these things would have improved it.

  5. New intro
    I did liked the animated movie
    Both Maleficent are attractive
    You are complaining of her being betrayed by a man whom she loved and stole her wings and do to grief gone cold
    That the kiss is not a kiss from two people who talked a little but two who showed that they cared

  6. Terrible drekk made for morally stunted individuals.
    Its rare to see a movie that makes me loose all respect for its fans like this.

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