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Could this be the worst chick flick ever? Find out in this week’s Nostalgia Critic review on 2008’s Mamma Mia!

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Wow the fans of mamma mia burned you(I think it was the internet commenters who watch this show who did it but hey who knows you cut away so guess we’ll never know the answer to it). That was a good review. I get why men like princess bride it has action and adventure but I don’t get why people like a league of our own(well I do it has sports in it but I haven’t really seen it so I can’t judge). But I actually do like sweet home Alabama since I think Reese Witherspoon is funny in it(despite what other people think of it it won’t change my opinion n it). but dear god does Pierce Brosnan sound like a horrible singer. Let’s hope he never sings again and just sticks to mediocre action movies(like the November man). I only like one of Abba’s songs and that is dancing queen. But the only reason I know it is because my sister told me that gravity falls was imitating the song into disco girl. In fact I just saw titanic a few days ago and I really liked it so guess some men have a weakness when it comes to chick flicks(and you bet your butt I do too).

    • 1) MidnightScreeningsman2014

      ‘A League of Their Own’ is more a well-written lighthearted drama that happens to be about women than a ham-fisted “Dis Movie is Fer Wimmens” chick flick.

      2) I genuinely love some things that made the list, but not when they are done by people who use the list as “creative inspiration”.

  2. I actually kinda love this film – Hell no, not as a GOOD movie, but because it’s so unapologetically cheesy, I love ABBA, the setting is beautiful, and it has Amanda Seyfried. Call it a guilty pleasure. Then again, I don’t really want to rewatch it anytime soon.

  3. I kinda had a feeling that you were gonna have a new intro soon enough. It looks great!

  4. your review was funny, interesting and you tore apart the bad chick flick concept fairly but without pity.

    Bow to you sir, it was a good episode. (Also, congratulations on Matrix Month, it was very solid and I have to say I was mistaken in my comment of the first Matrix.)

  5. Hey Doug,

    This is a common mistake that many people make, but Alexander the Great was actually Macedonian and NOT Greek. He’s even known as “Alexander of Macedon”, also here’s a really long biography on him for those that don’t believe me:

  6. It’s really kind of weird for this to be this week’s review as I was introduced to this film in a full watch through yesterday. I got very angry about the shrieks being at a constant when the songs weren’t playing I also disliked the use of most of the songs due to reasons you have mentioned and being a fan of proper musicals this annoyed me no end. So this was a bit of an odd coincidence but loved seeing this review.

  7. Does this musical have much character development? No. Is there much lasting conflict? Not at all. But if you are seriously going to watch a musical based off ABBA music for the plot, then I think you have your priorities mixed up. This is a movie with fun and upbeat songs, strong relationships between women, and beautiful scenery. It’s about watching a familiar cast have a great time throwing themselves into the spirit of carefree joy. While the tone of this movie varies wildly and without notice, and the singing is not always great, I think that if you have the right mindset (and perhaps more importantly, love ABBA music and the extreme cheesiness that comes with it) then you will have a good time.
    (Also, I happen to love “The Winner Takes It All” and I just don’t agree that it was poorly performed)

  8. I’m sorry man… I can’t, I just can’t.
    I got halfway through the review but this movie was so shitty, pointless and annoying that I simply can’t sit through even your review of it.

    This film is so bad I literally can’t watch this review because I feel like my brain cells are dying.

  9. It’s technically not a good movie, no, but as long as I don’t take it seriously I kind of enjoy it. And I really like a lot of ABBA’s songs, so I just sing along and tune out the singers. And, uh.. No offense, but we’ve heard you sing a bit out of tune a few times. (seriously, what was going on in that song in the third and the cobblers review?)
    But you have many good points I can’t argue with.

  10. You know what really burns me about this movie? The fact that it made it’s money back and then some! Now studio executives are going to look at the fluff and say “Money!” while serious musicals like ‘Chess’ and ‘Sideshow’ will stay on CDs.
    Seriously you guys, look up Sideshow. You will be amazed how a movie of this hasn’t happened already.

  11. I will never not be surprised when I look back at the Moulin Rouge review en notice that you did it 2011.

  12. As a male. The Notebook is one of my favorite movies of all time! I enjoy me a good chick flick every now and then. Mamma Mia! Though? Fuck that shit.

  13. After the hit and (mostly) miss Matrix Month, the Critic is back with an actually comedy-centered review that’s actually funny. Great work at the end, Doug.

  14. I used to like some of these songs. And why can’t they get married and STILL go see the world?

    • Because in bad chick flicks getting married is a burden for younger women but a nessecity for older ones. Hence why the happy ending is her mother getting married but not her.
      Idiot movie.

  15. I’m a big ABBA fan (your pronunciation is a little weird by the way) and they where a lot bigger here in Britain than the states so I wasn’t surprised this film was popular. My grandmother said she liked the songs, being an ABBA fan, but she wasn’t interested in the story. I wasn’t keen on the covers or the story but what bothered me more was that the songs didn’t fit with the story, and I mean at all.

    The thing about ABBA is that a lot of their songs are actually about pretty bleak subjects, Dancing Queen is actually about a broken down women that’s past her prime and doesn’t have anything left in her life but her past. But all their songs are song so up beat it’s easy to miss what they’re actually about.

    If the songs where properly tied to the story it would probably be a pretty depressing film. 😛

  16. I was kinda hoping this would be a Musical review. It would have hammered the point a little more and give everyone a little more to do.

  17. It’s ok doug. XD We your fans still love you in spite of your insult :3

  18. “We don’t want to upset you ladies because we believe you have the mindset of toddlers”.

    Anyway you look at this sentence it sums up modern feminism to a fucking T. Any slight, any offense, any IDEA OF OFFENSE sets off this demographic.

    I know Doug did not write this line intending anyone to take it like that but come on…with the “manspreading” debacle, to Anita Sarkeesian as a whole, to UVA, and to the idea that “Men can learn to appreciate women more if they are falsely accused of rape” feminism today really does strive to have the entire world believe that women have the mindset of toddlers.

    • The best thing about this comment is that it has nothing to do with anything in the review – you were probably waiting for any chance you could to lash out at feminists and women in general, whether it made sense or not. Wow. Just, wow.

  19. Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t watch this video…

  20. I’d hate to say this about a good actor like Pierce Brosnan but, this movie isn’t for him. Heck, I’d actually be more interested in that one Thomas the train special he did back in 2008. Trust me, it’s real. Google it if you want to. I hope he doesn’t sing in that one.

  21. Oh man thank you. I had an ex make me sit through this and it’s like potato chips it’s not really that good kind of salty kind of bland but you find yourself eating the whole bag anyway.

    I would have shielded you from the fans.

  22. I’m an Abba fan and I knew this movie was crap

  23. thank god you fixed your intro, the lack of screaming and boom is much appreciated!

  24. I like the movie. I grew up with music from ABBA. And I say that as someone who loathes badly written Chick Flick as much as anyone – the thing is, I don’t think that it even is a chick flick. It is just harmless fun with some thoughtful songs thrown into it. Do the songs further the story? No. But I don’t think that this is the point. For me the musical and the movie ARE about the songs. The story is not important, it is about saying: Look, those harmless pop songs you like so much? Did you ever really listen to them? Do you really pay attention to what they are actually about? Here, look, that’s their meaning. Some are silly. Some are actually pretty deep. And as an Abba fan, I do appreciate it. And I don’t mind the hookey singing at all in this case because it gives the songs a genuine feel. It is not polished. It is how many people experience the songs when they sing and dance to their tune.

    So yeah, when you approach the movie with the mindset “let’s look at the story” it doesn’t work. But it never was about the story. It was always about the songs. And judging by the fact that every single male member of my family likes the musical and the movie for exactly this reason, too, I contest the idea that this is only made for woman. It is for people who like the idea of their favourite songs getting interpreted in such a manner.

    It is btw pretty rich to complain about the fantasy of being rich, getting massages aso…I mean, isn’t that exactly a lot of the draw of James Bond? The fantasy of this guy who gets all the girls, the massage in the luxus hotel and the fast car.

  25. Don’t you just hate it when chick flicks pander to their target audience like that? But I’d still take it over any of the Lifetime movies. However, I wouldn’t call The Princess Bride a “chick flick”.

  26. Critic From The Future

    I really enjoyed this one because he only inserted skits where they were necessary and really focused in on the movie. Reminded me a lot of classic NC. I think the formula for episodes should be a bit closer to this one, with skits no longer than they need to be in the beginning and end.

  27. You know, I actually love ABBA, but I can’t stand this film. My mom loves it though, because apparently I inherited my taste in movies from another plane of existence.

  28. On the worst of chick flick clichés:

    “Really bad chick flicks think that women can’t handle actual misery, so they always follow it up with a lot of giggling.”

    I would argue that maybe if so many oversensitive and butt-hurt feminists didn’t bitch about how women are portrayed in fiction with the mindset of toddlers, maybe we would have more freedom to actually be funny. But like you said, “don’t worry: NO COMEDY HERE! NOTHING FUNNY WHATSOEVER!”

    You want to be respected as smart, intelligent adults? Then start ACTING like smart, intelligent adults, instead of crying like babies when something doesn’t go your prefect way.

    • When in doubt, blame feminism when you don’t want to seriously analyze anything.

      • Or, you know, call out hypocrisy and possible factors whenever you see it so that you CAN seriously analyze something and solve the issue at hand. That works even better.

        And I’m not blaming ALL of feminism. I’m blaming the idiots within the movement who act like toddlers by shoving their beliefs down people’s throats and toss around buzzwords like “misogyny”, “sexist”, “patriarchy”, and “rape” in hopes to win an argument.

        Yes, feminism has done a lot of good for women. There’s no denying that. But there’s also no denying that there’s a lot of people in the movement who make it look like either a useless movement, or worse, a hate group.

  29. As a Deaf ABBA fan (Yes we can like music) I can still say this is ear rape. Bad movie, stop ruining my songs. Also can we consider Closed captions/subtitles on your videos pretty please, it would make them a lot easier to view. Rikki Poynter has done a video about Youtube accessibility but I think it carries on to here as well, especially as Channel Awesome (Despite being awesome) does not have even crummy automatic subtitles

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      I think that’s more Blip/Maker’s fault than Channel Awesome. Could they have pushed for it? Maybe, but Blip is dying anyway so maybe they could urge Maker to do it

  30. To quote Doug “Wow fucking wow.” This was a weak review.I can understand after coming off of a theme month that the next review would be kind of lax but this was just so boring and don’t get me wrong I can’t do what Doug does and even if I could I couldn’t do this movie.Every once in awhile a reviewer come across a movie like this that just so bad it just plan bad and there not much more you can say about it. Doug try’s hard here but the only funny parts in this review to me was the beginning and the end with the team it was the only parts that made me laugh everything in between is a bore.

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