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Could this be the worst chick flick ever? Find out in this week’s Nostalgia Critic review on 2008’s Mamma Mia!

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    This movie… no, this music has caused me endless torment for years!

  2. Subtle furry reference ftw.

  3. The movie is not as bad as you think, that said I totally agree with you they should have hired background singers to dub the voices. I’m sorry but James you cannot sing please go to Q and get the magic watch, so that we may all die with our Ears bleeding from sonic vibrations caused by a sonic vibrating watch. As someone who set through the movie actually. But there are reasons why I suggest you should only tackle musicals when you have a certain musical expert crossovers with! Somebody with a fantastic singing voice. One who knows the genres well and fantastically.

  4. Wait a minute… you consider the Princess Bride a chick flick? Really? Aside from having “Princess” in the title it’s always felt more gender-neutral to me.

    • Especially when you consider the framing device is a Grandfather reading to his sick grand kid.

      And that there is only two women in the movie and they never speak to one another.

    • It’s not gender neutral. Princess Bride is a boy’s fantasy. Just like Aladdin, despite being part of the Disney Princess Line-up, is definitly written with boys in mind, not with girls. You have the male hero, the love interest as trophy, a lot of action, it is fairy tale version of an action movie. Woman certainly don’t watch it because Buttercup is such a compelling character.

  5. You know who would have been better for the Brosnan role? Anthony Stewart Head. You know, Giles from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. He is a good singer, the same age, and would have been happy to be in this sort of quick and forgettable paycheck.

    Also surprised at the lack of a Todd in the Shadows cameo to give an overview of Abba and why they are lighter than whip cream music.

  6. If it wasn’t for this review, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell good chick flicks from bad ones. This one seems really annoying. Good thing I’ve never watched it. Wasn’t interested in it, anyway.

  7. I don’t hate it. But i find it boring as Hell.

  8. Thank you for not using an MLP or Phantom Menace joke! I just made two videos showing all the ones you made! You think this is worse than Moulin Rouge? Well, looks like most people do. Dude, you’ve already insulted pokemon fans, bronies, and real life people (Leslie from Bridge to Terabithia was based on one). I highly doubt there’s anything worse you could say.

    Unless you said something bad about the Breaking Bad episode “Ozymandias”…

  9. TheManFromBartertown

    And to think I used to be scandalised that women dragged their boyfriends on date night to the same Hobo With A Shotgun screening which gave me visible tremors from all the ultraviolence and raucous screaming, at least Rutger Hauer gave that movie more emotion than Mamma Mia, I guarantee you those dudes whose significant others bought them tickets to Hobo’s premiere are married men now, because that’s the sorta scream queen any horror fanatic would wanna wed. Speaking of ultraviolence and musicals, Little Shop Of Horrors and Sweeney Todd proved musicals don’t need to be non-threatening forgettable flicks, Mamma Mia makes Stephen Sondheim devotees tremble at the thought of an artform degraded by this dreck!

  10. Doug this is the second time you slammed Meryl’s singing (kind of). You do know she trained her voice for musical theater very very very very very very VERY early in her career right.

  11. I didn’t see a lot of people getting mad about your Matrix review. Sure, there were a few angry comments, but for the most part, the reaction seemed to be “I love the Matrix, but I found your negative review of it entertaining.” Unless Tamara and Rob were being sarcastic about people being mad, in which case, the joke was too cryptic, or unless she was referring to hate-mail rather than comments, in which case, that was too much of an inside-joke.

  12. Wait… why couldn’t they get married AND go off and see the world… was it a one or the other sort of deal? If they got married would the island grab onto their feet for the rest of eternity… like “Nope, your love ain’t goin’ nowhere!”

  13. Mr. Walker great review. The ending was hilarious and you comments about those who hated the Matrix Review(s) and watched them over and over again. I didn’t care for the Matrix Reviews. I only saw the first movie. So, that maybe in part as to why; I had a hard time following and understanding the jokes. (If I have never seen the film you review, I still can follow along and get the jokes.). I found the reviews rather boaring, bland, and repetitive. I’ll say this, idk if it was intentional or unintentional, but the boringness and the repetitiveness of the reviews, gave a clear indication of the Matrix Movies as a whole. Repetive, Bland, and Boring!!!! Also, there were so many Plot Holes!! Idk if it was due to movies themselves, or if you intentionally left out some of the explanation of what was going on in the the film.
    I never saw Mama Mia, but understood what going on and understood the jokes. And, like I said, I really liked your review.

    Would love for you to do a review on Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks. (Pierce Brosnan/Sara Jessica Parker.). I’ll take any Pauly Shore film over this movie any day of the week. But, in a way would you consider this film an omage to Ed Wood’s Sci- Fi films? Or just an intentional horrendous Sci-Fi comedic All-Star cast film?

    Thank you Mr. Doug Walker.

  14. In this video and a number of times in the past, Doug expressed the belief that, “All comedy comes from misery and suffering”. That in order for something to be funny, it HAS to involve some kind of pain or humiliation; if it doesn’t the joke can’t be funny.

    And for the life of me I can’t understand why he thinks this.

    I mean, it’s just demonstrably not true. I can think of plenty of jokes that have not one ounce of suffering. “What’s E.T. short for? Because he’s got little legs”, “I order the club sandwich but I’m not even a member”, “Brevity is (…) wit”. Pretty much 90% of the jokes that came out of Mitch Hedberg’s mouth.

    To say, “It’s funny because there’s misery” or, “It’s not funny because there’s no misery” I think is very misleading, because humour can from just about anything: wit, timing, irony, satire, puns, expectations and denied expectations, exaggeration, surrealism, absurdity, caricature, deadpan, farce, anecdotes, even friggin’ burlesque.

    I’m not saying that humour can’t come from misery; heck Peanuts wouldn’t even exist with out it. But to say that humour can ONLY come from misery I think is a ridiculous notion.

    • Fully agree. For a supposed comedian, he has quite a limited acceptance for what type of comedy is funny. I’m pretty sure you could even go through some of his own best jokes over the years and find that many of them have nothing to do with pain, suffering, and misery.

    • I immediately started thinking about some of my favourite comedy, and my first thoughts all did take me to ‘Yes, someone suffers’.

      Then I remembered Airplane!.

      The thing is, I think (if you were so inclined) you could in fact distil all of the different types of comedy you suggest down to suffering of a sort. Most of those you suggest would fit into your heading ‘expectations and denied expectations’, which is a kind of suffering on the part of the person viewing the comedy. Any pun relies on the viewer/listener expecting one thing and being denied it (without ever being lied to about the end result): this is a form of suffering, albeit in a more abstract sense. It’s more of a (small and non-debilitating) knife twist in your brain. In a narrative, that twist (the ‘suffering’) is usually taken out on one of the characters; only in a film like Airplane! will it be taken out on the audience, as a string of jokes direct to camera would be. In clips like those he referenced – Mamma Mia! and Sex and The City – the ‘twist’ never affects anyone in the show, and it’s not directed to the audience, so there’s no way it can turn into comedy.

      Put simply, I think Doug is right, although he could have expressed it better. Maybe a future editorial could be ‘Does comedy only come from suffering?’

      • Denial of expectations is not I think what most people, much less Doug means by suffering. He has talked about his idea of comedy before in various places and its clear he means that it has to some how tap into real pain, fear and the like not just be something like reversal of expectations. The thing is as you admit such mere reversals are funny, often very funny, so Doug is just wrong.

        • I should say Doug is not alone in viewing humour as essentially mean spirited for example philosopher Thomas Hobbes said “The passion of laughter is nothing else but a sudden glory arising from sudden conception of some eminency in ourselves, by comparison with the infirmities of others, or with our own formerly…” We laugh because we feel we are better than someone else (someone in misery) or ourself in the past. This is a popular theory of what’s funny but it seems inadequate to me and lots of other people.

    • It’s his opinion, but then, his idea of a perfect comedy is Tom and Jerry.
      To me the best kind of comedy comes from taking an everyday situation and then exegarated it into riddiculous, so that we can laugh about ourselves. Take “Love actually”, which it’s countless segments. I always like the one with the two light-models the best, and there is nothing even remotely related to suffering in it. It is just two people who meet at work and click with each other. But the circumstances are nevertheless incredible funny.

  15. UGH. I hate chick flicks anyway, but I would *love* to see the squeeing idiots massacred. All of them.

  16. Wow, this movie was insufferable. Now, I’m going to watch The Wall to cleanse this garbage from my mind.

  17. Wow, that was a bad musical.

    When will you review “The Notebook”?

    Please Review “Repo! The Genetic Opera” for next Halloween.

  18. Ummm *whispers*
    Alexander the great wasn’t Greek. He was Macedon. He conquered Greece and ruled it like a benevolent tyrant

  19. Like the new intro! Hate this movie. Thanks for tearing it a new one. It’s movies like this that make it so difficult to get my friends to see musicals.

  20. Fucking hell, Doug. I know it’s kind of a lost cause to complain about you doing things the Nostalgia Chick already did, but do you always have to do them so much worse? Your editorial on what makes a ‘Chick Flick’ isn’t terribly informative and what you did give is quite frankly not properly applicable. Let’s not even get into that horribly pessimistic ‘ALL comedy is suffering’ thing. Yeah, it’s a shortcut, but if you honestly can’t ever laugh without something being wrong, I pity you.

    Just review the damn movies or act out some skits, you’re a lot more amusing than you are intelligent.

  21. AuroraGuiniverePrice

    God, I remember seeing this movie when it came out in theatres. My sister dragged me in to see and I hated every single minute of it, especially Tanya’s song as it completely detracted from what little plot there was.

    And then a while later, my sister bought me a DVD copy of the movie for Christmas…. And it’s kind of grown on me. That’s not to say I don’t see it as a horrible waste of creative efforts, which is totally is, but I really do enjoy the songs. And yes, some of the singing is incredibly off, but a lot of the time you can hear the sincerity of the actors. You can tell that they are having fun with it.

    Needless to say, I really only throw it in when I’m doing housework and want to listen to something happy and upbeat. That’s about all it’s good for.

  22. I rather listen to a 10 hour music marathon of ABBA then ever watching this movie!! 😀

  23. You know what works better than using an inanimate object as a microphone? How about using a LIVING CREATURE as a microphone?

  24. I guess one difficult premise is determining what actually defines a “chick flick.” Nostalgia Chick had her opinions/videos on this as well. Is a chick flick any movie that stars a female protagonist? (I would tend to say no, T-2 is categorized more as action. and, though double-edged sword, far too broad to label every movie starring a male protagonist as a “dick flick”.) What about any movie that focuses on relationships, of any kind, as its plot? (too broad?) What about any movie that focuses on what could be considered stereotypical women’s issues? (but what would that be, and dating and marrying isn’t necessarily exclusively a woman’s issue) I have tended to think that chick flicks, are, by definition, poorly written cookie-cutter rom-coms, i.e. that generally rehash Cinderella. (but if that’s the definition, then it rules out the possibility of having a good chick flick – as both Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick have discussed) also, if a chick flick is another name for a rom-com, then that would rule out two clear, but arguably well-done, chick flick movies: Beaches and Fried Green Tomatoes, which are about women’s relationships to other women, and not the traditional rom-com/Cinderella formula.

    So maybe a chick flick is mindless pandering to extreme female cliches/stereotypes (say, anything Nicholas Sparks), whereas the dick flick, though a less common term, would be the mindless pandering to extreme male cliches/stereotypes. By this definition, Fried Green Tomatoes would not be a chick flick, because it’s not a simple story exploiting stereotypical formulas, and Indiana Jones would not be a dick flick, because, again, it’s a well-thought out action story. I would see the definition of a dick flick as the Fast and Furious franchise, the equal of Nick Sparks’ franchise… chick flicks have one dimensional characters, limited plot, with themes of makeovers and weddings, Fast and Furious and the like have one dimensional characters, limited plot, with themes of action for action’s sake, cars, and T&A. again, though, this definition would then say that an action-oriented or romance-oriented movie with good characters and a plot would then not be said “flick.”

    I guess I could also ask is to what degree the storyteller is exploiting so-called gender stereotypes, or to what degree are they telling a classic or epic archetypal story? But I think everyone has a line somewhere between what is a decent story/movie, and what is pandering. but, bottom line, if it sells, more of it will be made, whether cars or cinderella.

  25. I liked the musical. Despite the flaws!

    There’s a great Dawn + French Saunders parody of it lurking around on youtube if you care to find it.

  26. This is my FAVORITE movie. Although, that doesn’t mean that I can’t make fun of it. I know it’s stupid but I love it SO much! 😀

  27. BTW, Enjoyed the week off from skits. Sometimes its nice to just see NC be NC.

  28. I’m really feeling the new intro.

  29. I work as a Support Worker for vulnerable adults. I used to help another team with relief care with a man who suffers from low functioning autism and other issues. I did sleepover shifts, this meant I worked 10am to 8am.

    He was a huge ABBA fan, but due to his condition, he would keep rewinding tracks to his favourite parts (often the chorus) and playing them again. All day and night.

    I hated ABBA before I worked there.

    After, I am certain that I will go to Heaven. I have seen and suffered Hell, and that Hell is Gimme Gimme Gimme.

    I also thought that Mamma Mia looked like shite. Part of me is glad that I was right.

    The other part is still suffering PTSD.

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