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Fulcuary continues with the Return of Bob!

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. Bob/Tommy is like the Italian version of Tanner Boyle from Bad News Bears

  2. Oh terrific. It’s the return of Bob from The House by the Cemetery. At least we have another episode of “The Cinema Snob Gets Mad At a Kid.”

    3:12- I was also thinking of the opening of The Exorcist. At least in 2009, we got some good Transformer action at this site.

    5:02- Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

    6:46- Well, at least he’ll grow up to be part of the Trump Administration. And how DARE they name him Tommy, which is the name of the greatest Power Ranger of them all.

    12:31- This guy should team up with Doctor Bitch Spasms from The Nostalgia Critic’s Patch Adams review.

    14:05- Lady, you should REALLY think about getting a digital camera.

    16:08- I’d rather see a movie about Spider-Man and the Hulk, but I don’t know why.

    19:42- Or it could just be a chestburster from Alien.

    22:15- For those who don’t get the joke, Brad means that he’s reviewing “City of the Living Dead” next week. “The Gates of Hell” and “Twilight of the Dead” are the film’s alternate titles.

    22:21- FAIL!

  3. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Bob/Tommy was reading a copy of Crazy, a humor magazine in the vein of Mad published by Marvel Comics. The issue apparently featured a parody of Jaws. A parody of The Exorcist would have been more appropriate considering the movie.

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