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It’s a fungus frenzy with the 1963 Japanese monster movie “Matango”, AKA “Attack Of The Mushroom People”.

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  1. We need to ask Mr. Lovecraft for some advice on fighting these things.

  2. This looks like it’s definitely worth a watch.

    I haven’t indulged in shroom tea for a couple years. The last time was a bit overwhelming to say the least. I was in the deep woods on an extended canoe trip. I was with people I trust but for whatever reason I just got bad anxiety. I did see what appeared to be a gnome village nestled in the roots of an old tree which was pretty neat tho.

  3. I remember seeing part of this movie as a kid on an old black and white TV at my grandparent’s house, and I was really disturbed by the ending, but also fascinated by it and the monsters.

    I never knew what it was called or that it was in color until the internet came about.

    I guess it’s all obsolete now with DVD/Blu-Ray, streaming services, and youtube, but back then it felt special to catch one of these weird old movies on a Saturday horror or sci-fi matinée programming block. VHS was around, but of course your grandparents back then most likely wouldn’t have one hooked up to an old black and white secondary TV in the basement for occasions like this!

    However, regardless of the warm nostalgia for those days when VHS was still new, there’s no way I’d want to go back to that! Internets forever.

  4. Ugh…and I thought the schoolgirl thing in Japan was disgusting. Now it’s “monster girls”.

    What always stands out to me about this one is the reference in “Secret of Mana”. There’s an entire kingdom of mushroom people called, what else, Matango. The ones there are far cuter and friendlier, though.

    • To be honest even if I acknowledge the issue, truth behind those stuff are less weird then people think. Homoerotic manga for example is mostly read by females because of stereotype regard girls reading erotic manga. Whole school girls is mostly about huge nostalgia regard high school in Japan as that is only time in they life when they aren’t treated as slaves. Just some people wen’t overboard with that fetish, etc. It is largely because porn in Japan is way more restricted then on West with exclusion of “profane pictures”. Also from when monster girl is a new thing? Did people forget about vampires, succubus and lilim?

  5. Wait.. immediately before encountering mushroom people they eat mysterious berries what look like substracie of Belladonna? That is fact explain everything..

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