Melvin Brother of the Joker

Is this the worst video that Doug has done? Find out in this sketch of Melvin Brother of the Joker.

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  1. The world needs more Melvin.

  2. Captain Speedbump

    I first watched this- I’m guessing back in 2010, maybe? At the time, I probably hated it as much as anyone. Then, 1-2 years later, I was wasting time online and somehow, I stumbled into watching it again. For some reason, it wasn’t as bad as I remember it. Then about 6 months or so later, I watched it again, and actually started to like it. Now I probably watch it once every few months or so.

    For some reason, I like the tragic elements to Melvin- his unemployment, his living with his extremely annoying mother, and his desperation to be more famous like his brother (is the Joker really his brother, or is Melvin a delusional superfan?) In a way, it’s actually appropriate that his blog was a failure- if he became a popular character, it would sort of diminish his character.

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