Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas – Disneycember

Mickey and the gang celebrate the greatest holiday of the year! Doug takes a look at Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this movie.

  2. The first story about “christmas every day” I actually first heard in a book of christmas tales that was “one tale a day” so there were about 31 in there. That story was always my favorite.

  3. There’s, believe it or not, a CG ‘sequel’ to this movie.

  4. Ah, we finally break the pattern. I almost thought you did this already, but I could have been confused with Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Yeah this is a pretty decent, if not great Christmas special. I really like it, and the Goofy and Max one is my favorite, with Mickey and Minnie’s being a close second. I might not see it every year, but it sure is nice when I do see it.

  5. Little Max is so cute, here. I was re-watching the “Goof Troop” Christmas special last night, and MAN, I’d forgotten what a little prick Max was in that show.
    It’s weird that Pete in Goofy’s story looked totally different than Pete in Mickey’s story.

  6. So uh… you don’t want to spoil whether Santa exist in their world or not, yet later you outright say that Goofy sees Santa?

  7. Yes, I’ve seen this. I think the one with Mickey and Minnie might actually be my favorite. Uh, Merry Christmas! Sorry I’m late. Dude, this has a much higher rating than almost every other thing you’ve reviewed! It really is a Christmas present.

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