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With one movie having such a hold on Christmas traditions, can the sequel get just as much love? Doug takes a look at Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas.

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  1. Oh, the animation surprised me. O.O I didn’t expect that. It scared me in some scenes. Look at their eyes, look at their eyes! Although, you leave Chicken Little alone. ;P

  2. I don’t remember if she went as far as sabotage but Daisy was pretty much characterized that way in House of Mouse.

    • Yeah, they’ve definitely improved her character by a lot. In House of Mouse and Mickey Mouseworks ya just wanted to SLAP her! They seemed to have made her more likeable now.

  3. Dear Lord, that animation is $5 Walmart Movie Bin Knockoff BlockBuster bad.

  4. Sorry, to me, if it looks better than the CGI in Santa Paws or Food Fight, I’m okay with it.

  5. Interesting note. As an early Disney CGI, they didn’t do the the thing where Mickey’s ears are always 2 perfect circles no matter what angle his head is at. I actually liked that representation. My kids always liked both movies.

    • Realize, of course, that means that Mickey doesn’t really have ears; he just has spherical sensors on the sides of his head, like a Star Destroyer. (Although I think those are actually shield generators on the SD’s).

  6. I’m always unsettled whenever I see Mickey and co. rendered in CGI.

  7. As someone who works as a cashier, I can definitely sympathise with poor Donald in this. Especially this Christmas Eve! Oh boy…had to wake up super early, work for a straight 8 hours with non stop lines! I mean one right after the other. No breaks except for lunch. Man I was SO TIRED when I got home! It’s not like poor Donald doesn;t love Christmas, but like me, he just wanted to rest for a little while! Let him sit by the fire and get his energy back, then he would have been up to some shopping!

  8. I think the meanness part of the Donald story is that even once he goes out with the family, they don’t even let him just get a hot chocolate from the coffee shop, which IS the sort of thing people will do when outdoor shopping at Christmas. He wasn’t asking all that much and portraying it as completely selfish wasn’t right.

    I wouldn’t compare it to “Christmas With the Kranks” because in that, Tim Allen’s character kind of goes out of his way to be a dick about things. It’s one thing to decide to go away and not decorate, but if his wife hadn’t insisted he wasn’t even going to give to charity. He could have bought the tree from the Boy Scout and then donated it back.

  9. I’m just glad I skipped this one because the CG looked bad and didn’t even LOOK like a sequel.

    At least with other Disney sequels they were still hand drawn or trying to match the original as close as possible, but the animation method took such a drastic change that it made me think “Are we REALLY at an age where we’re replacing hand drawn animation with CGI?”

    If you want to make a sequel, then make sure the animation is using a similar method as the first. Even Belle’s Magical World got that right, that’s how bad and distracting this animation is.

    I mean how would any of you like it if a sequel to an animated classic was suddenly live-action or visa versa? It would make no sense.

  10. This movie is so bad and lazy and cynical it hurts.

  11. Are the ballet hippos and crocs a shoutback to “Fantasia”?

  12. Twice cursed this ”Twice Upon a Christmas” malediction be.
    …it’s like Disney hates Roxanne or something ?

  13. Wow, didn’t know this was that bad. A pity it’s a bad Christmas movie. The CGI is pretty ugly. I appreciate you going through this. Maybe a Nostalgia Critic review one day? We recommend too many of those.

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