Midnight Screenings: Do You Believe?

From the creators of “God’s Not Dead,” so lets see how this goes!

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  1. You Guys Are Awesome!

  2. What’s with all these damn Christian faith-based films showing up suddenly? There’s been a lot more of these films cropping up.

    • Gay marriage debate riling up Christians and the religious right. Getting them angry and making them active to oppose us. Brings out the religious-ness in people when they have an enemy.

  3. I went to school with a girl who attempted suicide by eating chocolate, she has a severe nut allergy.

  4. A Lot to say about this

    First of all, this was not that bad a movie. Compared to most anthology films, the character connections weren’t out of nowhere and the transitions between stories didn’t feel jarring at all. The vagueness of the back stories was intentional. These were glimpses into the lives of a single community and how they interacted with each other. You weren’t supposed to know everything about them. It CAN get annoying not knowing where the story was going but, all in all, it didn’t feel that long to me. I guess that depends on how much you prefer dramas to action films. Yes, it has the typical cheesiness of most Christian movies. It wasn’t nearly as cringeworthy as most Lifetime Channel dramas I’ve seen and those are supposedly based on real events. What’s their excuse for straw men and clichés?

    Speaking of straw men, that doctor was pretty unbearable. Dramas do tend to have clear cut villains, but there is a thing called bedside manner. Or tack for that matter. The lawyer was more subdued, but felt like a Christian playing what she thought an Atheist would say. I don’t think she dumped him just because she got saved. She just wanted him to know she was starting to look at Christianity.

    The gang members suffered the same treatment. The nicknames didn’t bother me so much. Kriminal and Pretty Boy sound kind of stupid, but I heard stupider ones in high school, so it’s not impossible. Also, those guys were brothers not friends. Gangs do tend to be a single ethnicity. The other gang was white and there were other minorities in the movie. The director should have cast more black actors in other roles so they didn’t stand out like that.

    The movie made it clear that the EMT did his job first and shared his faith at the end when there was nothing else he could do. I wouldn’t call the guy a captive audience in the manipulative sense. The EMT was just giving comfort to someone he couldn’t do anything for. His wife wasn’t kept away so he could share Jesus. It was a construction accident. You can’t just have civilians run into an accident scene. His stubbornness to apologize may seem ridiculous, but I don’t think he did anything worth taking him for all he has. I understand why the guys wife would sue, but this seems like an overreaction all around.

    The soldier and suicidal woman meeting on the bridge were meant to show how God can bring people together in their time of need. This sort of fated meeting is used in romances all the time. I don’t think you need to know what her issue with her parents was to recognize her depression.

    The pregnant teen wasn’t exactly a shot at Planned Parenthood. They just showed the pamphlet to give a hint to her situation. She was considering adoption from the start. It was her family that wanted an abortion (probably to protect their image, but it’s never stated). I’m kind of surprised she wasn’t the one that was miraculously saved.

    The homeless mother story was trying to make a good point. You have this middle class single mother who changed her outlook on homelessness after she became homeless herself. When you’re used to providing for yourself, it can be hard accepting the help of others. That’s why the elderly couple said they needed to help her. They weren’t making light of her struggle. They were letting her know it was okay to accept help. I think calling the child actor annoying is a little harsh. Some of her lines were cheesy, but she wasn’t that bad.

    The mother WAS way too understanding about a strange man talking to her daughter. When Lee Majors’ character first showed up, it did seem creepy to me. I kept wondering if this was going to turn into a child abduction story. They explain it as redemption story. He lost his family when he went to prison and he saw helping them as making amends. It’s hinted as gang related when he met the younger gang member at the church, but it’s left unclear what exactly he did. I knew he was sick, but I never pick up that it was cancer. The end was trying to disprove medical science, it was saying that miracles can happen.

    This movie was definitely aimed toward Christians, but not exclusively. It tried to show how the actions of one person can affect those around them, even if they’re unaware of it. The goal of these movies is to show different facets of faith so the watcher can consider what they would do in that situation. Yes, there were clichés. Movies like this always have them. But, it was not a preaching to the choir, heavy-handed movie meant to make Christian feel good about themselves.

  5. I’m actually going to see this with a group of friends later today. Was worried I wouldn’t get Midnight Screenings review of it before I did.
    By the way, I appreciate the warning. Thanks!

  6. Well get excited, there’s a sequel to God’s Not Dead in development, so that’ll be something to look forward to……right?

  7. Well, you guys seem to be the only reviewers who are reviewing this so… yeah. That was surprising because it has a lot of recognizable actors and actresses like Alexa Vega. The only thing that I have to say in this movie’s defense (granted I haven’t and won’t see it) is that there are people who dislike people solely for their religion. Plus, some people only prefer to date within their own religion. Although, I’m confused about this movie’s message for adoption. I’ve never read any scripture that says no adoption.

    • The movie wasn’t anti-adoption. The pregnant girl was looking into adoption for her child from the start. The preacher’s wife did make a comment that a mother should be there for the birth of her child, but I think it was meant to show her desire for a biological child. It just wasn’t well written dialogue. In the end, she was perfectly happy to adopt a baby.

      • Steve the Pocket

        It’s definitely not a Christian message, but it sure is something that a lot of people think, if the sheer number of characters in movies and TV we’re supposed to feel sorry for for being unable to have kids is any indication. If the aim of that scene was to say “Hey, that’s not a very Christian attitude to have”, then I’ll commend them for that at least.

  8. I never cease to be amazed how a certain segment of the American Christian right manages to play themselves off as the victim so often. It’s like they have an ingrained martyrdom complex. Anyone who dares not share their faith is automatically attacking them, if you believed all the propaganda you would think Christianity was a tiny tiny portion of the american population constantly suffering injustices (instead of the reality in which they are the majority and the source of constant scorn and bigotry toward everyone else).

    • Cinnamon Scudworth

      Here’s the psychology at work behind this: if you believe in the devil, and if you believe that anyone who isn’t Christian takes orders from the devil (without realizing it), and you also believe that the devil hates you and your kind with a fiery passion and would do anything to destroy you, it’s very easy for your fears to take over your mind and to see persecution everywhere. So much so that you can persecute others yourself and be completely unaware of that.

  9. Oh boy, here we go again!!

    Honestly, I kinda feel bad for Brad and Co. for having to sit through Christian movies. I mean, you guys don’t have to see it, and say you are not interested.

    Also, I wonder why contemporary Christian movies have to be bad, cheesy, cookie-cutter movies where I groan every time I see their synopsis.

    • Because they are made by antichrists.

      • https://youtu.be/FhXz60f0HLU

        Wait… (Looks below comments) You serious?

        I’ll invoke Poe’s Law and call it a day. Good day, sir.

        • A man was walking across a field. There was a rock with a precious gemstone behind it, but the man did not stop to look behind rocks. The man saw a dog looking at something behind the rock, but still he had no time for looking behind rocks, for surely there is nothing but dirt there. He walked onwards towards his comfortable home where he had some warm soup waiting for him, saying, “My favourite soup! Surely today is a good day.”

  10. Rotten Tomatoes is hilarious. Critics rating? 13% Audience rating? 87%

  11. Prayer (which does AMAZING things) or deadly radiation, deadly poison, which probably won’t even work…
    Errr… I’ll stick with the GOOD Healer, who knows what he’s doing. 🙂

    • If you’re going to make a film about the Christ, make it worthwhile. Pray a lot to the true and living God, the Creator, asking for his help. Look at the formation of the solar system, the design of the stars, the design of the human body, the design of history and creation. (Notice the common pattern if possible.) Look at the design of the atom, and of quarks, cast lots to uncover the great Pattern, observe synchronicity in all its forms, see how it works, etc.
      Libra is weighed down on the left hand, but in opposition we have Aries! 😀
      Please give us something GOOD for a change. Work together with the Great Producer.

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