Midnight Screenings: Everest

At the pre-screening for The Martian, the projector broke, so instead we had to see Everest.

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  1. Phelous and Lupa see a film which features “Doug” and “Rob”.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Man this film if it featured the real Doug and rob walker then I’d totally pay full price to see it. Still nice to see that you still hang out with brad and lupa. Now time to stick together thourgh thick or thin!!!!

  3. You should still do a MS of The Martian. It wa both Funny and Tense as F–k.

  4. I was expecting The Martian but I’ve already seen a review on that so I’m glad that you saw Everest instead. I’m especially excited to see Lupa and Phelous. 😀 Yay! Once (or if) I see Maze Runner 2 and maybe The Intern, I might see this movie. Oh, also don’t worry, I sang along at the end. Haha.

  5. Now I want to see that 5 minute home made film about Everest, with a barn randomly situated in the background.

  6. I’m fully convinced you guys have the worst movie theaters in America at this point.

  7. You poor bastards, The Martian was great :F

  8. Uhm… I’m sorry but this is the worst Midnight Screening episode ever.

    I’m not trying to be an asshole because I’m a hiker/mountaineer and really loved the movie; but… I really don’t think coming off ass “this movie sucks because it’s a real life story about depressing real life events and it depressed me” is… pretty much useless? It doesn’t give any information about the movie, nor does it express your, or anyone’s opinion about the *actual movie*. It’s like seeing Diary of Anne Frank and saying “oh well this sucked because it left me really depressed”. I mean… seriously? Or the comments about knowing that the guy will die in the end… it’s like saying “well Titanic is so stupid what you KNOW the ship’s gonna sink”. …seriously? “It’s a movie about a man who dies on a mountain and I really I didn’t laugh much”? …seriously?

    I dunno, I understand your sarcasm I just.. don’t see a point here, you spent 30 minutes talking without ever talking about THE movie. I’m not saying some of your comments here aren’t witty, I’m just saying there is no point in anyone ever spending 30 minutes listening to this, because it’s never about the movie. Come on guys, you did so much better for all other movies. Don’t do this again.

    • I hate how this has no edit option. I dunno if I came out clear enough. This episode is like 3 people spending 30 minutes commenting on Lord of the Rings and focusing on how “well it’s not real, trolls and orcs and elves don’t exist”. Yes, we knew that coming in. It’s not a subject to discuss.

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