Midnight Screenings: Fantastic Four

Dave returns to review the new Fantastic Four movie with Brad.

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  1. I think the cape was the Flag they brought along with them.

  2. Josh Trank is a cinematic genius! I can prove it.

    RottenTomatoes is giving Pixels twice the rating of Fant4stic Four! Josh Trank made Adam Sandler look good, if only in comparison. That’s Oscar material right there.

  3. Wow. I was one of the few people who was like “C’mon guys. The movie hasn’t come out yet! The Fantastic Four Movie could be good. Give it a chance.” Boy, have I had to eat my words. The best word to describe viewing this movie is “uncomfortable.” I like uncomfortable in my artsy, psychological, and horror movies, but the Fantastic Four is a lighthearted series generally and it just doesn’t work. Plus, the comics imply many times that Susan is both the most powerful member and, often, the only thing keeping them together. Seeing her pushed to the side kinda hurt my inner comic geek.
    Marvel hasn’t really had a big fuck up yet, but Age of Ultron was probably the most disappointing. Between the backtracked character development, the sexism, and Pietro’s death, it was the only Marvel movie to really piss me off.

    • Fantastic Four wasn’t made by Marvel though, it was made by Fox.

      • Oddworld Inhabitant

        I’m pretty sure abby-anne is aware of that; hence the paragraph separation. The statement is in reference to the Brad & Dave looking back and wondering if Marvel has made an actually bad of movie as of yet. I myself have only vague recollections of Ultron other than loving the villain; I saw Fury Road right after, which pretty much blew most of my memories of Avengers 2 out of my head. That said, while I agree that Avengers 2 somewhat underwhelmed and the death of Pietro seems like a way of ducking the fact the recent X-Men movie did him way better, I think calling it sexist is a bit much. I’m guessing it comes from the semi-infamous Black Widow line where she calls herself a monster after revealing she’s infertile, which was undoubtably poorly phrased and misleading, but I think she was more referring to the fact that she had been molded into a killing machine and not that being unable to make babies makes her monstrous. Admittedly, the scripting was pretty misleading in that regard, but that’s poor writing, not sexism (not to say that the two don’t intersect at other times, of course). On the other hand, I reiterate that I watched Fury Road right after Ultron, which was at least anti-patriarchal if not feminist (although the fact most of our heroes belong to or join a group called the Vulvani certainly suggests it at least has feminist aspirations), so maybe some of those good vibes spilled back onto my memories of Age of Ultron. At any rate, I recall Avengers 2 being no more or less sexist than the Marvel movies tend to be in general.

        • Right, thanks Oddworld Inhabitant. I basically don’t consider X-Men, Fantastic Four, or Spiderman to be a part of the MCU for the time being. I do think it’s mostly bad writing, but the bad writing is kinda sexist. Natasha is made helpless and dependent on Bruce and the relationship comes out of nowhere. I don’t have a problem with her being vulnerable or wanting support from a man. CA:WS did it quite well, but it worked because she was in character, she felt more well rounded, and the writing was better.
          I’m with you on Fury Road. It’s so great the first time, but it has even more value in rewatches because the director put in so much effort in small details and everyone in special effects went above and beyond what anyone would have expected. So far, it’s my favorite movie of the year.

          • She has arguably the ‘weakest powers’ of the entire group so she is kinda helpless in these situations….

          • please fury road was awfull, it was just female propaganda bullshit and a boring action scene the entire film. and the best part were cut away, it was fucking awfull, age of ultron was the best film of the year, so fuck you

        • please stop saying bullshit, ultron was amazing the best film of the year, mad max sucked really hard

  4. To be fair, when Reed escaped Area 57 it wouldn’t seem hard. After all as shown later when the black hole appears, there is a four lane highway within a mile of it and used enough to have an afternoon traffic jam, both ways!

  5. I was cautiously pessimistic about this movie, but now all I can say is, I liked the special effects, liked Doctor Doom in look and powers, and I liked that his powers made more sense and were more in line with the comics as compared to the original movies.
    Everything he does, it’s basically Alchemy, shifting the matter around him, much like from his moves in the Marvel games.
    -and let’s face it, him being a sorcerer simply makes no sense as the villain to the quintessential science superheroes. …alright, some sense with the whole “magic vs science” thing in the several decade old comic series, not so much in a fresh new movie series.
    It works with his character as well, the iconic egomaniac being the “master of all he can see” as it were.
    It certainly works much better than making him a poor man’s Urien, anyway.

    • Though, character-wise… Well… He was menacing. He sure was menacing as all hell.

    • Well since he’s actually a sorcerer in the comics, it does in fact make sense. He’s a master of both magic and technology and over the years he’s used both to menace the Fantastic Four, it’s a big part of his character and magic is a big part of his back story in the comics.

      From what I’ve seen of Doom in this movie, he’s basically Doom lite. They stripped away everything that made him interesting and just made him a generic doomsday villain.

      • Well, as I explained, no it doesn’t. Just because it’s in the comics doesn’t mean it works. It’d be like the first Iron Man movie, with it’s focus on technology having the Mandarin with actual magic rings. In the comics, yes, making sense in the movie? NOOOOO.
        It just doesn’t mesh with a more realistic property, especially for their first threat. In the second or third, that’s one thing, right off the bat, that’s something else.

        • Your argument doesn’t really make sense. They’re not going to accept things from the comic book in a comic book movie? That’s more then a little ridiculous.

          As I explained, magic is a big part of Dr. Doom’s character and a major part of his backstory. That’s what people expect from Doom and when you don’t give it to them, as the poor performance of this movie indicates, fans don’t appreciate it.

          • But Doom was never the alchemist. That is another of FF’s top tier villains. A 500 year old Italian Alchemist named Diablo. Giving Doom those powers effectively wipes out a major follow up villain. And one of the few that would work well on screen.

          • @MightyDavidson It makes perfect sense. Just because it’s from the comic doesn’t mean it works in the movie, especially not the first one. Same reason they didn’t use Wolverine’s costume in the X-Men movies.
            Seeing a real person in that costume on the silver screen would’ve been more than a little ridiculous.
            Having the main villain of a movie that revolves entirely around SCIENCE be a spell-slinging sorcerer would have been more than a little ridiculous.
            The failure of this movie has nothing to do with butthurt purists, it has to do with it being a dull, crappy, heartless, joyless piece of crap.

          • @falon Yes, was. http://marvelvscapcom.wikia.com/wiki/Molecular_Shield
            One of his moves in the game, shifting the matter around him, which is pretty much identical to what he does in the movie.
            Also… http://villains.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Alchemists You’ll notice Doctor Doom at the very top of the page.

        • (a month later, but whatever)

          I agree completely. It pissed me off when I saw one of the Spidermans, a very science-based hero and origin story, when he lost his superpowers because he got sad. I thought it was dumb in the movie, and I was disappointed to learn later that it was basically the message of the comics as well. Mixing the science and emotions just didn’t work, in my opinion. Sure, it’s dramatic, but it just kind of broke the tone and my suspension of disbelief for me. Thinking about the topic a lot after that movie, I realized that yeah, you can’t have the Mandarin in an Iron Man movie where the theme (or at least the origin) is basically the power of science. Well, you CAN do that, but then it wouldn’t have been as great or as popular as it would have been. The common movie-goer would not have been as ok with it, in my opinion. I just can’t see it.

          I found out recently that I’m not even as big of a comic nerd as I thought, because I didn’t even know that Doom was magical in the comics. Apparently he was a candidate for Sorcerer Supreme. Again, that seems dumb to me. I thought he built himself a tech suit like Stark or that he was subject to the same accident that gave the Four their powers. Because I know that Doom is super-intelligent, like Stark (which it turns out is Stark’s actual superpower). He does his best to ensure that everything he does is a Zanatos Gambit by pretty accurately predicting everything that could possibly go wrong. He may be taken out by a swarm of squirrels, but you can be damn sure that won’t happen more than once.

          With that said, I didn’t think the movie was terrible, like apparently everyone else did. I liked it a hell of a lot more than the last two. There were two aspects of F4 that were totally lacking from the last two movies that this one did a hell of a lot better: Ben Grimm’s and Reed’s reaction to Ben being The Thing (Ben fucking hates it and Reed blames himself), and THERE’S FRACKING TEAMWORK!! The whole point is that none of them (except Johnny) has any effective superpowers. They MUST work as a team in order to get shit done. Way better than just giving Johnny all their powers to make him a real superhero (yeah, I know that happened in the comics, also bullshit).

          ’nuff said.

    • Oddworld Inhabitant

      I actually always thought it would work well to have Victor von Doom be a scientist who proved the existence of magic, and used that to get so rich, famous and powerful that he was able to build a private army and take over his home country, while giving out his magic tech to the people to bribe them into loyalty to him. It’d add an interesting dimension to him if he wanted to take over the world to make sure people could enjoy his tech without having to worry about government appropriating and misusing his inventions; it’d make him somewhat sympathetic, but also play into his ego, i.e. that only he is smart and capable enough to handle the powers of his creations. It’d also play off of the Fantastic Four very well too; they have basically magic-like science-induced powers, and work together both despite and because of their varying flaws and personalities, while Doom demands conformity from the world so he can mold it into his vision of utopia. Heck, maybe Doom even accidentally gives the Fantastic Four their powers in his experiments after capturing them for testing as part of his plan to build his power for world domination and also get revenge on the man he blames for his scarring (i.e. Reed Richards); throwing magic into the mix would finally let us dispense with needless BS pseudo-science explanations for the origins of the 4’s powers, and tie into Doom’s ego being his fall: he’d almost literally have created the method of his own downfall.

      • But what about the folks who like the BS pseudo-science explanations? Such things are part and parcel of comic books after all and there are those of us who enjoy such silliness. 🙂

        • Oddworld Inhabitant

          I never said I was against all BS pseudo-science explanations, I said we could dispense with NEEDLESS BS pseudo-science explanations. We could still have Doom talk about how his tech harnesses magic, and have Richards give a quick rundown of how they got their powers and how they work. Actually, when it comes down to it, the silly hand-wavium that powers comic science isn’t that different from the silly hand-wavicus that powers comic magic; I really don’t see why the two can’t coexist; hence my main argument: Doctor Doom would still work as tyrannical science-wizard (technomancer? I can never keep track of these terms) on the silver screen.

    • While he is indeed a sorcerer in the comics, he is primarily a scientist and the majority of stories he is in don’t mention magic at all. Most cartoon adaptations don’t talk about his magical talents either. First and foremost, Doom is a scientific genius and most of his abilities stem either from his advanced armour (he is basically Iron Man, but better) or just plain badassarey.

  6. Brad, i had to pause your video the moment you said this was worse than Man Of Steel. You guys always bring up that movie in your reviews. I learned to accept you guys hated it, but Fan4shit better than MOS? ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? You’re basically saying That MAN OF STEEL HAD ZERO REDEEMING Qualities about it? This is why i compare the MCU Demographic as “Ed Good” while the DCEU graphic to “Rocko bad.” The moment they chose to make the Thing Naked & ine of the storms adopted inwas done MOS @ LEAST HAD A REMERABLE VILLAIN. MOS @ LEAST HAD GOOD ACTION. MOS @ LEAST TRIED TO TELL A STORY EVEN IF IT WAS NOT that good. I’d recommend when Fan4shit comees out to DVD to watch both movies back to back. I respect your opinions but I reeeeally don’t like them.

  7. I think the Marvel bomb flick will be DOCTOR STRANGE, although I hope CAPTAIN MARVEL fizzles out, too. Why? Because I hate the way Marvel stole that character name. To me, Captain Marvel is who Billy Batson becomes when he says the magic word SHAZAM.

    • I’m actually looking forward to Dr. Strange more than Civil War. Why? Three words: Benedict Effing Cumberbatch.

    • Oddworld Inhabitant

      I hate to admit it, but I’m sort of hoping Captain Marvel works out well, if only because it’d be nice to have a few good female superhero movies. Note I’m by no means saying I’m hoping the male superhero movies are bad; this is a supply and demand thing: there’s a good demand, but almost no supply (at least in the live action market). Also, I think it’s kind of hard to claim that Marvel stole the name Captain Marvel since they’re, you know, MARVEL. Name’s in the name.

      • I’m optimistic about Wonder Woman. As much as I can’t comprehend how Brad thinks this movie is better than MOS I’m glad he’s optimistic about the DCEU’s future. I think Captain Marvel will be great too.

        • Oddworld Inhabitant

          Well, as long as it’s better than that unaired pilot it should work out. What I’m wondering is how they’re going to fit all their Jesus imagery into a movie all about a woman who worships the Ancient Greek Pantheon.

          Also, more seriously, I’m worried their tendency to keep pursuing the gritty Nolan style of the Dark Knight Trilogy might make them minimize the important Spirit of Compassion element of Wonder Woman. I’ll guess we’ll see how she’s handled in BvS:DoJ (incidentally, whether the movie is good or bad, I think “Dawn of Justice” is a pretty dumb subtitle; again, not saying I think the movie is doomed because of that, but I’m pretty sure “justice” existed to at least some extent before the Justice League).

          • What’s interesting is I think they’re trying to make this movie a David & Goliad movie. Batman is similar to David & Superman is similar to Goliath. David lost his family & feels he has to slay the godlyGiant as he’s being seen as a threat.Messiac symbolisms I think we’ll be used in better subtext & hopefully they Don’t make Wonder Woman Protestant like in JLA AC OF GOD.

    • He was created as Captain Marvel, back before there even was a Marvel comics and DC was still Detective Comics. Due to the fact he was a clear rip-off of Superman the publisher agreed to never publish him again in a settlement. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby began to use the name Captain Marvel when the copyright was open, simply as a logical conclusion they should hold the copyright to a hero with the same name as their company.

      By the time DC decided to acquire and use the character, Marvel had the rights to the name. From the very first comic every published by DC, he was Shazam. He hasn’t been published under ‘Captain Marvel’ since 1952. 63 years. For 43 he’s had the alternate name of Shazam. He was Captain Marvel for 12 years. He’s been Shazam for 43.

      • Rip off, my keister! Captain Marvel was a pure fantasy character. Billy Batson was a kid who transformed into the Captain when he spoke the magic word SHAZAM. Kal-El is an alien from the now defunct planet Krypton, adopted and raised as Clark Kent by Johnathan and Martha Kent, and assumes the Superman role when he uses the powers he was born with which were enhanced by the sun of this solar system. Fawcett didn’t fight the lawsuit because the company was falling apart. Sod what the legal outcome was. Captain Marvel’s name is CAPTAIN MARVEL, goddamnit, and by no stretch of logic could the concept be considered a rip off of Superman!

    • That is the single stupidest reasoning I’ve ever heard for spite. Like ever.

  8. Jesus Christ I did not miss Dave. Such a fucking douche.

  9. Told ya so.

  10. …they didn’t respect the original source material enough to get the races of the characters nor origin of them correct in this “reimagining” yet people expected them to get the personality and spirit of the original right…okay sure whatever.

    At least no one can say Pixel’s was the worst movie of 2015 without getting a few weird looks anymore.

  11. How is this better than Man Of Steel? Man Of Steel had Kevin Costner giving an amazing portrayal. Even Freddy from House Of Cards, as the only good performance in it, couldn’t save this.

  12. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Im about to chexk out this new fantastic four movie to see ho2 bad it is (but based on what you guys said it’ll probably be bad). The gift I’ll ask my dad to take me to that one since i really dont wanna go to it with my mom (or ill go see no escape either or).

  13. I don’t want Marvel to fail. I think the only movie of the upcoming phase which would not break my heart if it fails is Dr. Strange…and considering the screenwriters, it actually might be the prime suspect for Marvel really going wrong. But I have the feeling that even then they will make up for it with stunning visuals.

  14. Dave is such a negative person, I cant stand him, please dont back anymore, Reviews are more enjoyable with out you. Keep the good work Brad. In my opinion Fantastic four wasnt that bad, wasnt good either.

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