Midnight Screenings: Hitman: Agent 47

Brad and Violet see the latest attempt to make am ovie based on Hitman.

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  1. They gave away the twist in the trailer. So, yeah, basically Terminator.

  2. Playing Hitman, I never recall going out in the open and shooting out in broad daylight. Must’ve played it wrong.

  3. LOL, I found a typo. ovie, instead of movie. I love it. I won’t be seeing this movie but God, I loved seeing you talk about it. 😀 I think that Violet is a good addition to this series. I hope that Angelababy (Diana) goes on to better stuff, though.

  4. Absolutely agree with Brad – this was really dumb, “shitty, nonsensical, spectacular action schlock”. Fun dumb, but still dumb. There’s a huge amount of novelty for me because I’m from Singapore and this is the first time a major Hollywood production shot in Singapore. The film basically alternates between being an Audi commercial and a Singapore Tourism Board commercial, the sweeping establishing shots are wonderfully indulgent. I like Rupert Friend a lot, but I just couldn’t buy him as a steely, cold, precise killer. He’s too cuddly and warm to come off as a hardass. Hannah Ware always seems like going to snap clean in half so I really couldn’t buy her as a badass gun-toting woman as well. I did love that Zachary Quinto knew exactly what he was getting in to and seemed to have a lot of fun playing the villain. And yes, why is Skip Woods still getting work? I think this might one of the few times the screenwriter of the first movie was brought back for the reboot, and the original movie was bad to begin with as well.

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