Midnight Screenings: Huevos: Little Rooster’s Egg-cellent Adventure and Captive

Brad and Violet check out a Mexican animated movie about cockfighting, plus the religious movie Captive.

aka “Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos,” Brad and Violet talk cockfighting and bacon!

Brad and Violet see the movie based on Ashley Smith and Brian Nichols.

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  1. A religious movie that’s *gaaaaassssppp*

    “not bad”!?

  2. I’m surprised ‘Un Gallo con muchos huevos’ is screening in the US. Don’t fell bad though, most of the jokes have to be egg-related. I haven’t seen the movie myself, because I really don’t want to. Maybe I’ll check it out in the future and get a laugh or two, but that’s it. That movie is part of a trilogy from a mexican animation studio which came about their money from a series of web based cartoons and two other movies. In fact the other two movies are animated traditionally, and this one is the third one in a trilogy. I saw the first one and got a real laugh out of two scenes in particular, but other than that. It’s really not something I’d see.

  3. The Spanish title, “Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos,” seems to me to be a bit of a pun, because I think Huevos, besides literally meaning “eggs,” is also slang for testicles and is frequently used in the same way we use “balls,” to mean courage or guts.

  4. The mexican eggs come from there youtube channel, witch is made for adults. The jokes in there youtube channel are a lot darker and better.

  5. Moto is short for motorcycle and it’s also slang equivalent to “high” or “stoned”, maybe the joke was like “have you ever seen a chicken while stoned” or a “stoned chicken”…

  6. i hate this egg films ..make me feel ashem of being Mexican

    • And what makes you proud?

      • i guess that I havent lost all hope for my home land

        .. but its seriously its really depressing that the best animation work that we have done so far for a kids film

        ..its a celebration bad taste sexual jokes and organize crime …

        and tomorrow, it will have mark one year since my government and the drug cartels got together and burn 46 students alive because they where expressing their opinion freely

        • Mexico is by no means a perfect country. Still what continues to surprise me how cheerful the people can be. And even though the country itself has been exploited time and time again, it somehow still a lot in itself.

          In regards to the movies, like in all mediums what sticks is what sells. It’s hard even for an O.K. movie to become international. And it takes even more trying to make a good movie like The Book of Life, which wasn’t an immediate success as it got a bit more of the budget it had, but not that much.

          Other attempts that have some sort of historic elements barely pass as animation considering the dragged out dialogue they have for an animated movie.

          It’s not easy to put talent, money and investment together.

  7. Hey man, TJ’s not like that. He’s a self admitted asshole, but he’s not that dismissive.

  8. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I’ve heard of the amazing atheist but will check him out a little. I’m glad your not an atheist other wise I would hate it. But speaking of pigs being screwed, I just watched a Nash bozard video where there was a story where the prime minister of Britain was accused of screwing a pig(which he probably did cause he said he wouldn’t speak on the rumors. Now pig talking with bacon that I gotta see and I gotta see those two movies.

    You really got me into un gallo cause of the good puns and the trailer looked like crap but now this is a movie I gotta see since you said it was so good. I also thought that the movies pg-13 rating was at once a mistake but guess both me and you are suprised at that. I was like wow when you said it was a good Christian movie but like I know of David oyelowo and Kate Mara were in it I thought it was gonna have a fresh rating on rotten tomatoes but guess critics don’t even wanna give it a fresh rating on rotten tomatoes. I think violet is way cuter then Jillian and at least she’s your new girlfriend(and at least you don’t find her annoying as Jillian.

  9. What keeps me coming back to Midnight Screenings sometimes is that you review EVERYTHING. I respect that. I’ve never even heard of Huevos. It sounds very interesting. Although, I won’t be seeing this movie.

    Maybe Captive will help Kate Mara’s career after Fan4stic. Also, I agree with Violet: I don’t like gore either. I didn’t expect Violet to not like gore. It’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

  10. Well… the film originally reads something like “A movie with a lot of balls” (imgining the characters are not eggs but balls). The original animated shorts that spawned the franchise were a very crude with adult humor. IF you can get Spanish, here is one of the original short videos
    …But for the film, the guys decided to tone down the humor from a PG15 to a Kids-to-adults rating.Still, I think that this particular type of humor doesn’t translate very well, since most times it has double entendres.

  11. About motorcycle. “Moto” means in Spanish high, but it also is motorcycle shortened. I think the character could have been called “high speed” or “high” for short and the effect would be similar. These films and humor are sometimes hard to adapt.
    I think you get why motorcycle (or rather hig) would be getting the eyedrops and missin everything.

  12. Your discussion about the anthropomorphized strip of bacon truly captivates me.

  13. A rooster with many eggs is a correct translation if you care to be exact, but in the case of the spanish title there is a double entendre in the fact that the word “eggs” is also used for “balls” and in this case bravery. So it explains both that is a movie about a Rooster and talking eggs and a rooster who really has some balls XD

    And about the inuendo… well the company that made a movie started as a web-animation company that mostly did parodies and sketches using talking eggs at characters. And it was mostly adult humor, but as it tend to happens teens and older kids of the time really got atached to the characters, so the theatrical movies were made a little lighter and softer with the objetive of atracting more audiences. Many of the inuendo humor was allowed to stay because a huge number of the people paying tickets (parents) preffer to take them to a movie the little ones can see at the very same time they can have some adult jokes sprinkled to the mix… probably the very same reason some dreamworks movies did extremely well over here… (One of the Ice age ones at one moment was the highest grossing animated film ever in the country)

  14. I miss Jake going to kid movies, He’s amazing.

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