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Two for Little Boy

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  1. Why do the titles of Christian movies have to sound slightly perverted? And even more so, because they are religious.

  2. I was just curious as to what you guys had to say. It’s so hard to find reviews for these movies. You guys seem to be the only ones who review this stuff. This isn’t my type of movie since despite being religious I only watch religious movies from my own church. Wow, I can only imagine some of the odder moments of this movie that you guys described. Also, hey, I’m glad that somebody else disliked the Superman v. Batman trailer. Well… see you on the next religious movie review. I think the Joker makeup is meh.

  3. I wonder if the movie got its title and the kid got his nickname just for the reference to the Hiroshima bomb. That would be rather tasteless if that turned out to be the case. Sounds like a movie that’s so saccharine sweet that it’ll give you diabetes. At least it doesn’t sound hate filled like those other so-called “Christian” movies, at least for the most part. But at least they’re not glossing over the anti-Japanese racism that was prevalent in that time.

    Speaking of The Identical, I once clicked on a link to a site that had the trailer for the movie. I think the site was one frequented by fundamentalist right-wing Christians, as most of the responses to the trailer is that they didn’t want to go watch the movie, but not because it looked like a bad film. Rather, the two most common responses were that they weren’t going to see the movie because Hollywood is a product of Satan, or because Neve Campbell is a pro-choice activist.

  4. I wonder if the Batman and Superman fight will end up like the Hulk Buster vs Hulk fight in Age of Ultron. They both have super-rich and smart humans in expensive power armor suits taking on the world’s most powerful and near-unstoppable beings.

    This reminded me of some reviewers wondering whether Age Ultron’s Quicksilver can top X-Men Days of Future Past’s awesome Quicksilver scene.

  5. I asked this before (I think) and I will ask again: Will there be modern contemporary Christian movies (that doesn’t cover the bible, but its teachings) that critics will also like?

    Sure, there are movies from good old days that depicted materials (even from Old Testament) but hit it off pretty well, but those movies are based on the history and more factors (such as putting materials that were considered “lewd” at that time without much censoring because it’s a “historically accurate” depiction) have to be considered for its success. However, compare to the movies in the past (even with those factors), it seems that the modern movies that cover contemporary Christian life doesn’t seem to do that well to say the least. Heck, I say, if it’s not the worst movie that came out recently, most contemporary Christian movie have scored very poorly compared to movies that came out on the similar release dates.

    To be fair, I have zero problems with my favorite critics being secular (that’s why I watch/enjoy you guys doing this in the first place), but these negative criticisms from all the movie critics seem very disheartening to say the least. Sure, I admit that, at least, you guys are trying to look at these movies as objectively as possible without putting your beliefs (or lack thereof in this case) or biases in your criticisms against these movies, but I cannot just believe (heh) that you guys are not looking at these movies without any tinted glasses whatsoever.

    Though, I might be thinking too hard. In terms of its popularity, these movies are doing OK. According to Rotten Tomatoes, this movie received poor critic rating (18%), but high audience rating (88%). In other words, those who have saw it (albeit without critical eye) have enjoyed the movie more than The Identical (69%) and Do You Believe (86%) in terms of its audience scores.

    Still, the critic rating on these movie seem very low. To give you some perspective, that critic rating is LOWER than Unfriended (60%), Home(46%), Insurgent (31%), Get Hard (29%), The Longest Ride (29%), and, for some reason Do You Believe (19%).

    I don’t know. I just hope there’s a contemporary Christian movie that can be well received and enjoyable (not because it is flawed as heck like Saving Christmas) to both audience and critics alike :\

  6. I actually might be interested in seeing “Little Boy” mostly because I have period pieces and as Brad said, the message is not too heavy-handed or thrown in with political christian subliminal messages. This actually sounds like one of the rare contemporary Christian movies I might consider seeing to be honest with you guys.

  7. Was there a chubby kid with the nickname “Fat Man” praying at Nagasaki?

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