Midnight Screenings: Pixels and Trainwreck

Brad and Sarah see the new Adam Sandler movie Pixels, plus the Amy Schumer comedy Trainwreck.

It’s the movie all the critics are falling in love with: Pixels

Brad and Sarah see the Judd Apatow/Amy Schumer film Trainwreck.

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  1. Oddworld Inhabitant

    I personally think part of the reason the movie is getting such bad press is that much of the gamer culture is still shaking from the aftereffects of the whole Gamergate thing (and yes, I know it’s still around, but let’s face it, its heyday has passed) and both sides see this movie as an assault on their sides; pro-GG hates being depicted as rude, crude schlubs and having all their games get insulted as not up to the old standard, while anti-GG hates the depiction of women and seeing Hollywood merchandise and misappropriate their nostalgic icons for such lackluster fare. Both sides are still somewhat on the defensive, and this movie had the misfortune to hit sore spots for both of them.

    Plus, ragging on Sandler has sort of become an industry tradition in the hope of one day ruining him (“they stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the beast”) and everyone was kind of worried that accepting this movie might mean having Sandler go down as one of the first people to do a successful movie adaptation of a video game (sort of). I guess that’s the thing about Happy Maddison productions; they need to be at least a level above mediocre to escape the black vortex of critical negativity their studio has and not get labeled the latest “worst thing evar”.

    • actually I could see the GamerGate people loving this, the actual GG’s not the strawmen people make up for either side.

      And yeah I agree everyone’s throwing allot of hate on what is really a good film mostly becaus sandler’s in it and it’s a happy madison produciton, when in reality this thing is fucking great. I was smiling the entire way through this and had a pretty enjoyable experience, it was kind of like watching a more action oriented ghost busters with videogames instead of ghosts.

      and the car scene with pacman got me hyped.

      • Oddworld Inhabitant

        Yeah, but rewarding a guy with a woman that they literally call a trophy is kind of messed up, no matter how satirical it is.

        • In that case I’m surprised you haven’t complained about how the aliens took a black guy as a trophy, and an Indian guy, and a child.

          But given that they did two things to make it even more messed up makes me forgive the movie for giving the guy the trophy wife. One, it’s Qubert, just shapeshifted, but stil qubert, who apparently felt sorry for the guy and gave him the electric V willingly after shape shifting. Two After they got married apparently, she gave birth to four wonderfull lovely Quberts. Which means odds are the world will soon be taken over by a race of shapeshifting immortal invincible energy beings that like cheese puffs.

          so I didn’t mind that.

          I think that some people are just seeing sexism where there shouldn’t be any and are letting it ruin things for them.

          Like them saying that the curly haired guy was gay and being made fun of for it. The movie wasn’t making fun of the homoeroticism in the centipede scene, they were making fun of the rough and tough millitary guys being cowards and hugging each other screaming like babies. And the slap ass just fed into the conspiracy nuts awkwardness after the entire tough/psychotic speech he gave them.

          and other than those two scenes there really wasn’t much else homoerotic that he was in. The rest of his character was devoted to being creepy involving a lifelong crush on the videogame character he was paired up with, and a scene involving chloroform and Sandler about to beat him with a baseball bat.

  2. I don’t know about everyone else, but I loved this movie and was smiling the entire way through it. Hopefully it’ll be a box office successs, apparently it’s already made back half of its money.

  3. I think Pixels is being trashed in part because it trades on nostalgia so blatantly. It feels like cynical pandering. “Look kids, it’s Pac-Man! You like Pac-Man, right? Clap your seal flipper hands you delicious untapped demographic.”

    • yeah, but it’s not like supermario, at least they seem to respect the nostalgia. They even got the real creator of pacman to cameo in a post credit scene after they had an actor play him and they didn’t really rely on that many “Hey look, it’s a character from videogames you used to play standing there doing nothing! LAUGH DAMMIT” jokes like some movies go through….like last action hero and the cop cliches.

      It could of used a bigger budget and the left out what i think would have been a really deep scene if worked correctly due to time constraints, but all and all it did a pretty good job playing that nostalgia string while not blatantly making fun of it.

      They really captured the media’s attitude towards presidents as well though.

  4. I came for your review of Trainwreck. I already knew that I didn’t want to see it. It has too many personal strikes against it for me: 1. I don’t like R-rated comedies. 2. I don’t like Judd Apatow movies (except for Talladega Nights). Heck, I don’t even like most of the tv shows that he’s been involved in. He seems like a nice guy but his stuff just rubs me the wrong way. 3. I usually don’t like unlikeable characters being the main character of a movie. Okay, you said that she was likable, maybe the trailer made her look unlikeable. Like when she didn’t want to cuddle with Bill Hader. It is unlikely that a guy would ever want to cuddle at all and you’re going to treat the one man who does like that? What is that? Also, Baby Mama was okay and the same goes for Date Night.

  5. I just came from watching Pixels and people brought their children to see it.

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Just finished the review for pixels. I’m probably gonna rent it from redbox when it comes to there. The secret life of pets looks pretty cool but the good dinosaurs first trailer was cool but I’ll probably skip that and go see a full trailer when one comes out. The pixels review i watched a bit last night but then i just finished it today. But I’m gonna have to ask yyou on your website who will go see the vacation remake. Onto the trainwreck review!!!

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good review on trainwreck you guys but I’ll probably wait till dvd to go see it. As for Colin Quinn, hes only starred in three happy madison movies the two grown ups movies and thats my boy (but man has he got alot of bad movies under his belt). He also starred in ths original three men and a baby which is cook. But Amy Schumer is extremely talented i heard from irawss and tommorow I’ll definitely watch more inside amy schumer episodes. Enjoyabe review and cant wait for the paper towns and whoever is gonna get tortured by ths vacation remake.

  8. I’ve never heard of the term ‘wiener-coat’ over here in the UK, but as the Channel Awesome team are more and more using the term ‘twat’ (which should technically be just as offensive as the ‘c’ word, but I digress) that they should be ringing up FilmBrain for the correct pronunciation of that as they never seem to get it correct.

  9. I laughed more than 4 times when I went to see Pixels, so I guess I share Brad’s opinion that it doesn’t deserve all the hate it gets, but it does deserve all the hate it gets regarding the “trophy women” thing and the stereotypes. I’m not saying everyone should go watch it. I relatively enjoyed it, I’m more split 50/50 about it, it’s not good but it’s not bad, it’s just in the middle. Yeah, I agree, don’t spend theater money on it.

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