Midnight Screenings: Sinister 2 and American Ultra

Team Snob checks out the Sinister sequel, plus the Jesse Eisenberg/Kristen Stewart comedy American Ultra.

Brad and Brian see the sequel to Sinister.

Sarah and Violet check out the Jesse Eisenberg/Kristen Stewart action comedy American Ultra.

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  1. I’m not surprised that Sinister 2 sucked. All the mystery and horror was gone after the first movie. You can’t make a sequel to something that has no more mystery or horror other than jump-scares anymore.

  2. I’d rather see Sinister 2 than MK Ultra, WHOA DUDE MK sounds like America maaaaan WHOA DUDE YOUR RIGHT MAN WHOA DUDE YEAH!

  3. The scene at the beginning was one of the kids nightmares that he had if he didn’t go watch the movies, that was the incentive the ghosts provided for the kid to actually go watch them. It was a nightmare about how he was supposed to kill them all. It wasn’t one of the films at all.

    Also, the point of the movies is to make the kid want to kill his family, in this case by making the brother jealous.

  4. American Ultra = fun with some good chemistry , Rick and morty is amazing and in case ya didn’t know, X gunna give it to ya!

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Just finished the american ultra video will come back later to watch sinister 2 video since new vids are on the site (and are coming onto the site now). Will also have to look up the trailer for the night before and definitely will go see the man from uncle.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Liked the review for sinister 2 and i had no interest in seeing it so thanks for spoiling it all!! But i actually wanna see no escape looks interesting and I’d definitely like to see how serious owen wilson gets (I’ve seen one part where he’s kind of silly but looks serious most of all). Speaking of that movie,pierce brosnan stars in it and i just saw the november man and it was a 2 star movie but haven’t seen him in alot of te advertising for it so curious to see how he’s gonna fit inthere. Good review for sinister 2 and looking forward to the next midnight screenings(tthanks for the videos i appreciate them)!!!!

  6. I don’t like horror movies but I was curious about what you would say about this movie. Especially since no one else on the site has reviewed it yet. Heck, I couldn’t even relate to the atmosphere if I were to see this movie. I’ve grown up in a mid-size ghetto city my whole life. Actually, someone scary in the background unaddressed does scare me. Something about things that can’t be explained, ugh! … unless it has a sting. Once you said that, never mind. Not scary. LOL

    I always knew that this movie wouldn’t be my thing. I don’t like R-rated comedies. I don’t like stoner comedies. So two strikes and you’ll probably get a third one if I watch the movie. LOL. I can’t wait to see the final Hunger Game movie.

  7. Bagul is clearly a fan of Slipknot imo.

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