Midnight Screenings: Faith of Our Fathers

Brad and Violet check out the new Christian movie from Pure Flix.

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  1. I have decided to not see this movie because I don’t want another Hallween H20/Resurrection moment again.

  2. Let’s just say, James Cameron was moved by this movie…to a bigger house!

  3. I really enjoyed this film

  4. Violet? Was she the lady who was in that one episode of Brad Tries? I am planning on seeing Terminator: Genisys this weekend. I will come back to the rest of this video then. Although, I think that I’ll like it because people say that it is a retread but I’ve never seen the Terminator movies or the show so it will all be new to me.

    I’ve never heard of Faith of Our Fathers (no other reviewer has mentioned this) and I am already going to go see Terminator: Genisys so pass. Well, the whole “not living together while dating thing” is to be expected since it’s a Christian movie. Well, the review wasn’t too offens… Wait, Steven Baldwin is in this movie? That’s… odd.

  5. Sigh. All my instincts after seeing that spoiler-heavy trailer match what you say now, Brad. 🙁 Maybe on Neflix or something…

  6. Seems like the stereotype from the Rock world holds up for movies too..: If you want to make a bunch of cash with zero talent and dubious ethics, Christian Filmmaking is the way to go.

    Swear these things get more obnoxious with every release.

  7. Honestly, the dad looked more like John Connor, and there is that whole “appearances skip a generation,” aspect. The kid ‘did’ say he only kinda looks like his dad.

  8. There isn’t much Matt Smith in it? I only saw twenty minutes of this move before a thunderstorm killed the projector. Seeing Matt Smith is why I want to see this movie.

  9. I’m confused, how do you think a kid would have said “he kinda looks like me when grown up”? That makes absolutely no sense, nobody would say something like that. Do you think if your 80-year-old self came back from the future, you’d think “wow he kinda looks like me at 80”?
    Yeah, I know the father and Kyle Reese don’t look anything alike and that “he kinda looks like you, dad” sounds utterly retarded but so does your idea.

  10. I don’t know who Violet is but she couldn’t look more bored and detached while Brad is speaking. Don’t get me wrong I love The Cinema Snob but I find no value in this Midnight Screening. Am I the only one who thinks this is a weird attempt to promote an unspoken personal showcase of hand holding, awkward laughter, and eye movement? Brad really? Come on Brad, you are killing me! Remain objective bro. Why have a “co-star” that provides very little substance except to make your fans cringe.

    • Way to only watch the first video “bro.” So she didn’t have much to say about Genisys. I’ve been in dozens and dozens of these where I simply didn’t have much to say about the movie and let the other person talk. Everyone on this show has been like that. Dave has plenty of episodes where the movie did nothing for him. In the “Faith of Our Fathers” video she has A LOT to say about the movie, and actually talks more than I do about it. And forgive us for holding hands, we hadn’t seen eachother in a couple weeks. Hardly the first time that a couple on my site has held hands or shown affection towards one another.

  11. How could he tell Arnold terminator apart from John Connor Terminator ?

  12. Where did the videos go!!??! D:

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