Midnight Screenings: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Summer movie season begins with the new Avengers film!

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  1. People finding things to bitch about? Oh, you don’t know how right you are about that. I read least three reviews that had people whining about how HYDRA was down played, how the twins being genetic experiments was an insult to the comic characters an etc.

  2. at some point Marvel will need to go generational. The actor will start to age much faster then the movies are put out. Either you have to replace the universe with different actor playing the same role and pretending to be the same actor. Or just blow it up and start over again. What would be more impressive if they make it an living universe and allow the character to get old and just bring in non use characters to replace people that no longer be around. Like Moon Knight to replace Iron Men so on.

  3. I’d attribute this Ultron’s quips to his being created by RDJ’s Tony Stark. He’s got a bit of Tony Stark in his programming.

  4. Thanks for not saying too much.

    I’m waiting a few weeks to see this movie, for the crowds to die down.

    I don’t like crowded theaters.

  5. I want them to see Ex Machina. I hear it’s supposed to be a great movie.

  6. To the thing about Black Widow and being sterilized. It wasn’t the fact that she was sterilized that made her a monster. It was WHY she was sterilized that made her a monster. She WILLINGLY (as she had all the skills at that point to get away) gave up the ability to produce life, in order to become better at taking life. In my book that does kinda make you a monster.

  7. Helen Cho is the mother of Amadeus Cho, who was killed in the comics when someone tried to kill her son.

  8. Really enjoyed this, remarkable character development for our heroes and it really seems like Whedon took all the criticisms of the first one onboard, particularly with regards to Hawkeye.

  9. Apparently your movie theater has more lax standard on ads; I got the Dawn Of Justice trailer. Oh, I’m sorry it’s not even a trailer. IT’S ONLY A FREAKIN’ TEASER! The real trailer hasn’t yet been released to the public, let alone leaked.

  10. I got all the trailers you mentioned, EXCEPT the one you (all) can’t remember.

    Even though I didn’t see it, I REALLY want to know what that trailer you can’t remember is :X

  11. Helen Cho is supposed to be Amadeus Cho’s mother

  12. Actually, concerning the thing with Vision and Mjölnir. It’s not that Vision was worthy, it’s the fact that he’s a machine why he was able to lift the hammer. Odin’s enchantment only accounts for living beings, so androids and robots have always been able to lift the hammer afaik.

  13. black widow implied that she is a monster cause she castrated her self willingly ,not becuse she cant have children .dont know who else could missinterpret that as bad as you

  14. btw ,about bales’s batman voice ,ANYTHING,even a mute donkey ,would make better batman voice .

  15. regarding the farm and the pool scene -disney wanted a longer thor in the pool scene,as a female fan service :P,while J.W wanted a longer farmhouse scene for character development .

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