Midnight Screenings: The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies & Exodus: Gods and Kings

Brad and Dave check out the new Hobbit film, as well as last weekend’s #1 movie Exodus.

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  1. I’ts not the 3D, I saw the Hobbit in 2D with a really good screen and projector. The CG was still shit.

  2. The Expulsion of the Necromancer from Dol Guldur was, hands down (in my opinion), the BEST part of the entire movie

  3. Actually, I can answer that. Billy Connolly was on set, but he had trouble due to complications with his health (I think someone said Alzheimers somewhere). So, they did his character digitally and had him read and record his lines in a studio.

  4. I just watched the New Hobbit movie, i wasn’t disappointed… but the CGI did kinda got me questioning.

    Oh and yes, that Mad Max trailer was wicked!

  5. The stupidest thing about casting everyone in Exodus as white people is that the whole point of that myth is racial division. It’s like if you made an apartheid movie where Nelson Mandela was white.

  6. Azog, the orc villain character, was not made up by PJ. He is a canon character who was killed off much earlier than when the Hobbit films take place, but they didn’t invent him – Tolkien did.

    One pedantic complaint of mine: as a Tolkien fan, you should know how to pronounce “Smaug” correctly. It’s every Tolkien nerd’s berserk button. Seriously, they say it, like, a thousand times in the film. How do you not get that right?

    I didn’t mind the CGI as much as the rushed ending. Too many fight scenes, too little wrapping up story lines and character arcs. Other than that, I pretty much agree with mostly everything said in this review, especially concerning the cartoony Legolas scenes and how awesome Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman were in this.

  7. I started watching Midnight Screenings once Spill.com went down. I won’t see the full Hobbit review yet because it’s my custom to not if I’m planning on seeing a movie. Speaking of which, I need to find the Penguins of Madagascar review since I’ve seen that now. I thought that the first Hobbit movie had boring and silly parts. I thought that the second one was really good. I’ve never read any Tolkien books. Heck, I was only old enough to see the last Lord of the Rings movie. I’ve NEVER seen the first two. I don’t think that we needed the romance but I REALLY like the character of Tauriel. I’ve excited for the 3D! I LOVE 3D. If I have to pick between a movie that offers 3D and one that doesn’t and I like them equally, the movie with the 3D will win. Wait, they added another character for the movies besides Tauriel?

    I probably won’t see Exodus. At times, I don’t know how to feel about it. I didn’t know Ridley Scott had a brother. I haven’t seen the movie but I think that Christian Bale is really miscast in this movie. You get Batman to be Moses? Moses, the meekest man in the world at that time! Moses = Batman. No. What?! Although, when I heard that Joel Edgerton was cast as Pharaoh, I was a little hopeful. I think that’s GREAT casting. It’s pretty bad when you like Pharaoh more than Moses and when you take out the burning bush… AND it has bad 3-D. Nope. Nope. Too much failure! Maybe Darren Aronofsky SHOULD have directed this. EPIC FAIL.

  8. Okay, I finally saw it. The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies was really good. It was pretty much an action movie with a fairy tale message and script. It was shorter than the other movies. It wasn’t very story driven but the other two movies did that. It was a fitting end to this trilogy. Also, it connected well to the main Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  9. Hey, just thought i’d point out that Azog (the villain from the hobbit you forgot the name of) wasn’t made up for the films
    Its just in the source material he died in the battle in the first hobbit where he lost his arm

  10. I watched Linkara’s 3 part review of the comic book adaption. I haven’t read the book, but if the comic he used in the review is as close to the source as it supposedly is, I will agree with him that the movies are better than the source material. I think he’s right in saying that the movie(s) would pass by WAY too fast if it was just one or even two.

    • Hell, I have friend, she’s 40 years old, tells me that she’s been reading Tolkien’s Middle-Earth saga since she was 14, she’s only just watched the trilogy recently (One after the other), and even she says that the films are way better than the book.

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