Midnight Screenings: Unbroken

Team Snob checks out the Angelina Jolie directed war film Unbroken.

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  1. Well… that’s one way to stop fighting in politics… threaten the release of a movie. XD

  2. So wait…is there an Into the Woods midnight screening coming?

  3. The Interview wasn’t bad. It was…competent.

    • really? Script that seems to be pulled off in one night. That fat jew fuck still isn’t funny. Everything looks really cheap and shit cgi all the way, I cant imagine they used more than one million to create this turd.

  4. Oh man I was hoping Brad had the same opinion as me about the interview; I HATED that movie. It reeked of trying too hard and the jokes failed so hard most of the time. I wish I could have been there when they were filming this movie because I want confirmation that the only direction James Franco got was “we need you to mug at the camera way harder than you ever have in your life, also dial up the antics. Out of 10 you’re at an 11 – we need you at a 20 – that’s how over the top you need to be. ” This movie was smothering me with how forced it came off as.

  5. The movie trancended wether it was good or not… people watch it now because…” America! Fuck Yea!” There is no point into determining if it’s a good movie or not at this stage…

  6. R-rated comedies are never my thing. I wouldn’t of seen it even without the controversy. Although, I do think that Seth Rogan is funnier with James Franco. What the heck? I’ve NEVER seen anyone with alcohol at a movie theater. I saw a drunk person at a movie theater and even that seemed strange to me.

    Unbroken doesn’t seem like my thing. It seems too war movie-ish. I surprised that you guys thought the screenplay was bad. Some of the other movies that the screenwriters wrote were was Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Les Miserables, and Freedom Writers. I wondered what happened? The Japanese guy in this movie is 33. Again, what happened?! Perhaps the movie would have been better if his childhood and past were flashbacks. That might’ve broken up the heaviness of the beating scenes. Although, Zampererni liked the movie. Although, that might be because he lived it. This movie won two National Board of Review awards, an American Film Institute, and a Hollywood Film Award. I don’t know why I’m defending this movie so hard. I guess I’m just surprised that it’s bad. I think I’ve only clapped at Avatar, The Avengers, and Step Up 4.

  7. The movie is playing in Champaign, check the Savoy 16 theater.

  8. FREEDOM FUCK YEAH. And good to see that I was absolutely right about Unbroken being just another late in the year Oscar baiter. Those trailers gave me headaches from how terribly paint-by-numbers cliché they were, along with the Cinderella trailer, ick.

  9. The leader of North Korea is relatively young and ruled like for only two years.

  10. In all of human history if you were absolute royalty you would political power over millions of people of some or any country (usually Europe and Asia) at diaper age as regent if your parent had died, our last Romanov Emperor of Russia was 26 when he inherited the throne of the largest nation on earth in 1894, Kim Jong-un who ruled his totaliterian state has has ruled it for three years actually, he’s the modern genuine Red Czar or Communist Czar but I have no problem with that, because for the North Koreans this if you think it is repressive collective society just might work for them, Since the time of Confucious more than two-thousand years ago Far East Asians (Well Chinese, Koreans, and maybe Japanese) had problems with individuality, traditionally they’re were and some are still collective by their religions or philosophies or cultures, I don’t think Korea will be one for a long time.

  11. Great now I don’t want to see Unbroken by Angelina Jolie.

  12. I might agree that it is overly cliched with simple stock charachtristics a typical coming-of-age story done in a million times way that doesn’t attempt to add anything new and original for a new generation.

  13. I watched fifteen minutes and my reaction was meh, probably would have kept watching if my mom hadn’t gotten pissed and stormed out.

  14. The Cynical Brony

    Whether it’s good or bad, I’m still in support of a movie that’s a big middle finger to one of the biggest assholes of the modern world. Besides, I’m one of the few people who actually finds Seth Rogan to be incredibly funny most of the time.

  15. I think Seth Rogen is a fine talent, but his movies have all been following the exact same lazy formula time and time again, and the Interview is no exception. A homo-erotic bromance between the two main characters, a plethora of dick jokes, gratuitous drug use and party scenes, using random rap songs in scenes to make the movie cool while using random pop songs in scenes to be ironically funny, celebrity cameos, attempts at starting some sort of new trend that is clearly never going to catch on (in this case, the term honeypotting) and some violent action sequences just to keep things energetic. It’s getting really old. It’s not even really sharp satire. It doesn’t say anything new about North Korea or sensationalized journalism. It’s just another Seth Rogen movie. Nothing special.

  16. Cinemas in my country show the interview, no problem there.
    I don’t think they did because they were gutsy enough to ignore all controversy, mine is not a gutsy country, so I guess it’s due to not realising there is a controversy out there.

  17. 10:45 No no no Denis just thought he was hanging out with Jackie Chan haha

  18. I have no idea about the Interview threats being legitimate or marketing, but if North Korea was serious, it was only ever a bluff. Americans got in a tizzy about their “rights” of “free speech” being taken away by boogeyman ‘fer-ners’, when really their own government is the only one that can (and does) remove their rights. Guns and the Interview, that’s what’s important. Habeus Corpus, search and seizure, freedom of association, freedom of privacy – who even needs those rights?
    About the movie, have you ever noticed at the end of a movie where it says “All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.” Coupled with the notion of constructing a movie about the death of a head of state, there is a lot of illegality occurring in this movie.
    Putting that aside, there is also a moral argument. Irrespective of our views about the North Korean leader, he is still a human being and he has rights which we need to respect. I understand that this was satire, but it is also making light of something that America does in real life, extra-judicial assassinations. If you are outside of the US, American or not, and the President decides that you need to be killed – you’re dead. No trial, no arrest, nothing. It doesn’t matter what your crime was, or even if you committed any crime.
    This NORMALIZES CIA assassinations, and shows it as something to laugh about. This is not dissimilar to 24 JUSTIFYING torture, and we could see the effects – a majority of Americans support the torture program.
    If this were made by a different nation, or if America weren’t so willing to flex their militaristic muscles, maybe we could see the absurdity of it. On a side note, Team Police gets more of a free pass, because it was with puppets.
    It’s all well and good to say that plenty of movies about American presidents dying have been made, but the majority were fictional presidents and it is apples and oranges. IF (for example) North Korea made such a movie AND had a history of invading other countries on a whim, killing foreign leaders, overthrowing governments, etc – then that would be a fair comparison.
    I don’t care how funny this movie was or not, I cannot support it – and you shouldn’t either.

  19. “The Interview” is coming out on the 12th of Feb down here in Australia, and you bet your ass that I’m going to see it!

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