Midnight Screenings: The Transporter Refueled and Brian and Sarah’s War Room

Team Snob checks out The Transporter reboot movie, plus offers another take on War Room.

Brad and Leslie check out the reboot of The Transporter franchise.

Sarah and Brian offer their take on the Christian hit War Room.

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  1. I like this War Room review a bit more. A fair analysis for the most part, especially on the part of Sarah. Then again, I may be biased because she’s my favorite Midnight Screener. Plus, the Bible says that you can divorce your husband if he cheats on you so yeah, this woman in this movie could have gotten a divorce. Also, I’ve never had Jujubes before.

  2. The audience made perfect sense once you said it was a Wednesday. It might not be the same universally, but a ton of churches do a bulk of their youth groups, bible studies, choir practices, etc on Wednesday nights.

  3. Ehhh… I don’t really agree with what Sarah was putting forward there, I think she’s trying to find whatever hope she can in a terrible story about terrible people. At that point I just don’t feel like that marriage would be worth saving, and I think the creators of the film wrote the characters in such a way as to exploit precisely the kind of plausibly-deniable grey areas Sarah was hoping were the intent… while still being an utterly reprehensible story with utterly reprehensible morals.

    Make no mistake, that movie was not about deciding for yourself whether a marriage is worth saving, it’s about pushing the notion that doing so is automatically the better option no matter how much of a drug-selling, cheating, abusive piece of scum the husband is.

  4. Aw. I thought there was actually a movie called “Brian and Sarah’s War Room,” and it was going to be funny that Brian and Sarah went and saw it.

    (My only source for movie releases is pretty much you guys.)

  5. There actually was a series of BMW commercials that were envisioned as Transporter-style short films, called “The Hire” and starring Clive Owen. The directors they got include Wong kar-wai, John Frankenheimer, Alejandro Gonzalez-Inarittu, John Woo, Tony Scott and Guy Ritchie. It’s actually really worth a look.

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