Midnight Screenings: Unfriended and Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Team Snob checks out the skype horror movie “Unfriended,” plus the Paul Blart sequel everyone was asking for.

Because the legend of Paul Blart must continue.

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  1. You guys should check out the short film Noah by Patrick Cederberg and Walter Woodman. It was what inspired the style of Unfriended, except it was actually pretty good! (mainly because it’s only 17 minutes long) It convinced me at least that the concept COULD work in theory (although probably not for a feature length film):


  2. Yeah, I saw the trailer for Unfriended and thought it was the dumbest looking thing I’d ever seen. I don’t even really feel like I need to watch it to agree with that “how is this getting good reviews?”

  3. Yup. This confirms that Unfriended sucks


  4. Sarah’s face in the screenshot for the second video pretty much sums it up. Never seen the first Paul Blart movie, though I will admit I did like a couple of jokes in the commercials. I’m guessing they were probably the best ones.

    This one though, didn’t even laugh at the commercials for it. The horse kick into a car? Nope. All it did was remind me of the airbag chair bit from Neighbors. Didn’t find it all that funny then either.

    Saw a few ads for Unfriended around on the internet. Was never interested in seeing it anyway. Not a horror fan, plus I thought it looked kind of dumb. Your review pretty much confirmed it.

  5. I wouldn’t say Unfriended sucks. But it wasn’t good. In the words of TV Tropes, it’s So Okay, It’s Average. I would never but this on any best of list of mine…except maybe my Top 10 most Mediocre Horror Films. And even then it’s only because of the style.

  6. Wow, they’re two for two on hilarious alternate endings. I actually kinda want a copy of both movies just to make those edits and show it to someone!

  7. So I personally enjoyed Unfriended. There are severe flaws, and it’s not memorable, but it was enjoyable. Chris Stuckmann’s review really hyped me up for the movie, and I agree with him on a lot of points.

    One thing he said that rings true is that this movie is going to be incredibly polarizing. The trailer isn’t very good, and there are elements that are pretty stupid. I would still give this a chance if you haven’t seen it yet. I understand why people hated it, but for me personally it was solid.

  8. Okay I’m just going on the premise from Wiki here (don’t care about the spoilers personally, but the ‘reveal’ at the end is so disappointingly dumb), but Unfriended seems like, it’s smart enough to know about the infamous online harassment cases and could have been a pretty good commentary about online harassment.

    But just from what I’m reading in the plot summary, I’m not understanding why none of them just…disconnected the Wifi.

    It’s all online, all the harassment, they could have simply called each other up to meet somewhere REAL, and just turned off their computers or modems, literally pull the plugs.

    Because until the end where it’s revealed just who/what Laura is, they had no reason to believe that she could reach them physically or through a normal telephone (as in, a landline).

    I know that in the movie, compromising photos and videos etc were being uploaded, but they seemed to think it was because of their hacked accounts. In that case, unless they knew that most of their files were already uploaded to an external server by the ‘hacker’, then the first response would be to just disconnect your computer from the Wifi or modem.

    They could have just arranged to go spend the rest of the night at someone’s house in case of security, or a public place like 24 hours McDonald’s.

    Or just go offline and read a freaking book. Or study. Or party.

    Digital boogeyman stories just never seem to make sense unless they’re in a future where literally everyone has brains connected to the internet, like in Ghost in the Shell, or the Matrix. Because that means that boogeyman depends on a signal, or internet. A great ethereal boogeyman like Freddy Kruegar is scary because you MUST sleep, and you are in the most vulnerable state you can possibly be while asleep. You don’t HAVE to be online, despite what everyone thinks. You don’t die going off the grid till you can sort the madness.

    • To be fair, I know an ‘unseen force’ was attacking them on-screen or whatever, but um, even more you should LEAVE YOUR HOUSES TO SOMEPLACE SAFE AND PUBLIC MAYBE?

  9. I have to wonder, has anyone on Team Snob seen The Den? What did they think of that movie? I watched it on Netflix recently, seems like a much better movie than this. It’s the same gimmick basically, just none of the supernatural BS.

  10. I discovered that Paul Blart 2 was coming out because I was over at a relatives house and they were watching “A.D. The Bible Continues”. The trailer came on DIRECTLY after the crucifixion of Jesus scene.

    Paul Blart, he fell off a Segway for our sins.

  11. Personally, I thought the whole concept of having the movie just be on a computer was pretty creative, and the message about bullying actually got to me. But I do agree that the movie had a ton of problems and isn’t all that good. Also, I don’t care for these characters. Why on Earth would I care about bullies who deserve what they got? Even the whole thing about the ghost and supernatural confuses me. How does that work?

  12. Did that dude seriously use a racist insult in that review? You know, we aren’t all from the Midwest, thank goodness, or white for that matter, or mindless fans who follow along with anything…

  13. I thought unfriended was good, not great but good

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