Mission: Impossible 2 – Nostalgia Critic

These movies have gotten a good reputation over the years, but they weren’t always seen that way. Take a look at by far the silliest of these movies and the most over the top.

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  1. Mission POSSIBLE!

  2. 5:10 I was about to point out that the original show actually did have “Spock” in it…………..
    7:34 Never mind, you knew. Good for you.

  3. Doug… you’re breaking my heart. I had hoped that you, of all people, could bring attention to one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of this film. That it is, bizarrely, inexplicably, an almost scene-for-scene remake of the 1946 Alfred Hitchcock film, Notorious. Seriously. Compare and contrast. It’s basically a remake. And if it’s not a remake, it’s one of the most blatant ripoffs in film history. I don’t know what the writers were going for, but the fact that this isn’t often addressed is one of the biggest sticking points for me where this thing is concerned.

  4. Funny enough I’ve seen Mission: Impossible 5 but none of the other movies. Also, the scarf catching scene made me laugh so hard. Haha. Some of the jokes this time around went a little too far though.

  5. I’ve only seen the 1st film

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