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The latest take on the gory game franchise is here! Does it deliver the bloody goods? Doug gives his thoughts on Mortal Kombat (2021).

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  1. What did you think of this? Spoiler btw

    There was a thing in the movie lore where every tournament fighter gets a superpower, more or less the same way that Vegeta goes supersaiyan.

    At first I was onboard. It was just a simplified way to explain where all the awesome fatality attacks come from. However, if it’s supposed to be like ki, aura, chakra… whichever, then I figure the transformations aught to be more organic/biological in nature. I was kinda turned off when one guys power was magic shirt.

    I guess you could look at it more like gifts from the gods, or something to that effect. Still… magic shirt.

    Not to be too negative. Overall it was a great movie.

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