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Tamara and Cody check out Mother! on a new Tamara Just Saw. Is this movie as great as everyone is saying?

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  1. I already know this movie isn’t for me. Still, I’ve seen and read a good amount of reviews for this movie. I have not seen anyone else with Tamara’s interpretation or response. I’ve only heard the (SPOILER) Bible themes and either indifference or hate.

  2. With regards to the camera angles feeling claustrophobic, I think that was probably intentional. I think they were wanted us to feel the title character’s isolation.
    Personally I just LOVE the kind of movies that make you question your very sense of what’s real and leave you question what happened well after it’s over. I’ve long been big into mind screws. All movies manipulate. The real brave one doubt even try to hide it.


  3. That said, I well admit this one kind may have laid the symbolism and the shock value down a little too thick.

    What odd for me is(spoilers): I found the interpretation pretty easy to figure midway through and it wasn’t remotely religious. It’s a plot twist I’d seen done before, but never quite this way or taking to the end for the reveal. I though it was just about creator entitlement and how much a writer (or any ambitious person) can belittle the people who need the most just to satisfy their own egos.

    Sometimes it can seem in a mind screw like the writer is tried to avoid a clear interpretation or two. I don’t think this is one of them. It’s about relationships of exploitation and neglect and it’s only the exact kind of relationship that could vary.

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