Mulan (2020) – Nostalgia Critic

It’s awful Disney remake time again! Let’s see how they missed the mark this time with a film that was practically gift wrapped to be epic. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Disney’s Mulan (2020).

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  1. Kurtis/Cyndaquil: “So what do you do on youtube?”

    Valis77: “I refresh the the Channel Awesome page for a few hours until the new video is uploaded so I can copy paste the “FIRST” comment. Yeah, I’m usually the only commenter, nor will i see their angry replies of failing to “first” but that’ll show them.
    “Check, please.”:P

    Stop justifying the compilation doesn’t count so you can have that. 😛

  2. i do care but i don’t so we both win.


  3. Since this is the last week of the month, i decided to end this game on a good note until the last week of the year of 2021 and the new year in 2022. That’s my new thing now. I’m still gonna comment but not as first comments.

    Kurtis:….You’re finally starting to make since this time?
    Me: >.>


  4. Yeah that’s what i thought you better not respond knowing i was right all this time. 😛


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