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The most painful Disney sequel to sit through. NO…JOKE. Doug screams at Mulan II.

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  1. I despise this film as well. I hated how phoned in the characters were. How over the top and pretentious they acted. Mulan went from subtle and noble to obnoxious. In fact, all the characters were like this.

    • One of the worst points about this movie is that the events in the first Mulan really happened. This….thing….was just a made up story that seemed to completely forget the first one entirely!

      • Actually Mulan was not a historical figure, by all anyone can tell. Her story was told in a ballad and a few other stories and poems, but no actual history can confirm she was a real person. Most likely a fable even then.

  2. I honestly think this is one of the better disney sequels. Oh don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of things I find stupid and cringe worthy, namely the songs and this subplot with Mushu wanting to break up the two lead protagonists.

    As for the whole dilemma with China being doomed… I don’t know, maybe the kingdoms still united, just without the mirage. It’s possible I might be misremembering though, but I’m fairly certain the movie didn’t end like that.

    But yeah, this is a really flawed film… but the animation was nice.

  3. Out of all the sequels to be pissed at… this is the one that broke you? Mulan is probably my favorite Disney princess. I think I have this on VHS in a box somewhere. I remember thinking that this one was just phoned in. Although, I completely and totally forgot about that Mushu subplot. I’m trying to rack my brain but I just don’t remember it whatsoever. That does piss me off a tiny bit. Also, as a kid, I didn’t even pick up on the China plot hole. Hmmm… One last thing: I also liked the princess song. That’s pretty catchy.

  4. Cinnamon Scudworth

    When you claimed early on that Belle’s Magical World was the worst, I thought “you shouldn’t say things like that before you get to Mulan II.”

  5. Holy shit, that looks /awful/. I am so glad I didn’t watch it. The first film isn’t one of my favorites or anything, but it’s important to me on a personal level. Thanks, Doug, you give voice to my disgust.

  6. A surprising number of people say this one isn’t that bad and, well yeah technically it isn’t. But it’s such a stomp on the head othe original, slap in the face doesn’t go far enough. The only time Mulan really does anything with her sword is when she THROWS it on the GROUND.

  7. Yeah, I have mixed feelings about this one. I actually do enjoy the romantic plot with the gang of three and the princesses (cookie cutter and bland as they are), but I agree that as a sequel to one of Disney’s more dramatic and nuanced films, this is an atrocity. The fact that Mushu is also voiced by a white guy here makes me really uncomfortable…

  8. Yeah I despised this one too. The first song actually made me cringe, so that basically told me what I was in for: an unneeded Disney sequel.

    I’m not surprised this one broke you Doug, but I definitely know you’re going to hate either Bambi 2 or Fox and the Hound 2.

  9. Creamcheesealchemist

    I seem to recall the prince and his father agreed to the alliance sans marriage, but I think the Aladdin tv show handled that idea better. And for all the hokey elements of this movie, I do think it’s an interesting concept for the first movie’s comic relief to become the villain in the sequel.

  10. Despite not having seen the movie in years, I do recall that there was a line-drop by Mushu at the end of the movie: “Savin’ China gives me knots like you wouldn’t believe!”

    It wasn’t explained, but think about it: Mushu poses as the Golden Dragon of UNITY. A DEITY OF UNIFICATION. I don’t know why they stopped at letting the princesses marry whoever, but it would have only taken one minute – two minutes tops – to have Mushu, as the Golden Dragon of Unity, command Qui Gong to unify with China.

    And just like that *snaps fingers* problem solved.

  11. You know what’s a fun thing to do? Pretend “Brave” was made specifically as a response to this movie. What with its legitimate point about how Merida was on the verge of starting a war and had to deal with that in some way.

  12. I just realized he’s totally right. I think I just assumed Mushu denying the marriage meant the other country was forced to unite with China without it (and granted, that might still have been the intention), but they technically never address it XP

  13. My same expression and hatred for MLP EG 1-4 and Seaso 3-6. There is no defence for it and don’t any brony or pegasister bother trying to defend it. Sorry, but Mulan 2 has the same ffect with the MLP Franchize. If there is no effort, there is no progress!

  14. Bahahaha best intro ever

  15. Wow. That was EPIC Doug. And the audio was fine.

  16. It’s funny, I know people who actually prefer this over the original.

  17. The premise of this movie pisses me of on the grounds that this was like the first Disney female lead whose story DIDN’T revolve around a romance plot!

  18. A brief note for those whom curious what happened after (in actual history): China (should be Northern Wei in actual history) wasn’t doom, it hold it self against Rouran (which is the “Huns” in the cartoon), but neither one can completely defeated other. Because of this, Northern Wei constantly facing threat from Rouran and can never focus their forces on the south, where other dynasties located.
    (For those don’t know: the story of Mulan happened some where between 386-534, at that time China was divide into northern and southern dynasties)

    Latter, Northern Wei suffer from internal conflict and divide into two dynasties, then 18 years later, an other khanate call Turkic revolt against Rouran and defeat it.

    Unlike Rouran, Turkic was more friendly to China, making all those dynasties can finally concentrate all their forces on finishing each other. After 280 years of divide (started from 311 CE), China was unite again in 589 CE.

  19. This actually sounds like something Doug would have enjoyed based on his own description. The story presents a tough choice…do you follow your dreams or do you step in line for the greater good? Doug clearly hates the decision to follow your heart in this case but why does that make it a bad movie? Would it have been an okay or even good movie if Mulan did what was best for her country instead?

    I think its good for a movie to present this kind of dilemma where the solution isn’t so black and white. The story of Troy presents a massive war based on love as well. Its not a new concept and I think its interesting Mulan 2 explores it. I agree with Doug that I personally feel she made the wrong choice but I don’t hate the movie for presenting that side since in reality its a perfectly valid albeit controversial choice.

  20. Oh Well now they’ll have Mongoloid or Mongolian blood which the Han Chinese people did get through massive Medieval rape and genocide, thanks Fua Mulan and your brilliant 18th or 19th century to the modern age free love ideas.

  21. Read the book Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford published in 2004. The Golden Horde of Batu Khan really did a number on the White Slavic maidans of divided Russian kingdoms or princedoms from 1237 to 1241 A.D. And that’s why the mostly Southern peoples of Russ or Eastern Slavs have Mongoloid blood and possibly their double-headed sperm like many Asians and even Eastern and Central Europeans do by racial or ethnic DNA standards.

  22. thatchickwithlonghair

    I heard this was bad and because I heard it was so bad, I didn’t go looking for it. xD
    Cause I love the first movie and YEAH, THAT STORY IS TERRIBLE. MUSHU WHY.

  23. I love how angry you are at the beginning. It didn’t seem like you were getting that mad. It was funny to see you slowly get madder as the review went on. I know little about this movie. For that, I’m proud. I really do love the original.

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