Mulan II – Nostalgia Critic

One of the worst Disney sequels ever! How did this happen to a great…good…decent enough movie? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Mulan II.

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  1. … i need to say anything?

    Everyone that replies: You just did.

    Me: >_>

  2. Mulan is my second favorite Disney Princess. I like the “Like Other Girls” song and the three Princesses but that’s about it. The rest is bad. Mushu wasn’t annoying in the first one but he is in this one and he’s a douche to boot. You KNOW it’s bad when Eddie Murphy doesn’t want to come back. 14:49-14:56 was hilariously creepy by the way. I just like to pretend this movie doesn’t exist for the most part. Actually, you’re right, I’m not so scared for the remake after seeing this. According to Wikipedia, they believe Mushu as “Golden God” united the kingdoms. What?!

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