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Tamara checks out the new My Little Pony movie on a new Tamara Just Saw.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s very encouraging for a fan to hear that, as even among us we’ve gotten the general idea that this sort of movie would only appeal to actual fans. But I’m glad, even if it wasn’t award-worthy or anything cutting-edge, that it was still a pleasant, cute romp. I’ll take “harmless” as a compliment. 🙂

    • In practice it is more a kid-oriented (as not family oriented like TV series) generally average movie. Not a Pixar or Dramworks but definitely also not a lazy trash like Emoji Movie was (people usually compare it to 90’ties Disney). Generally for a kids, for a fans it would be longer filler episode and people attempting to understand Bronies would be still confused as Cinema Snob was.

  2. … You wrote tha names down.. and still call her Rainbow Puff? XD

  3. With all the depressing shows and movies that have been out lately, I could use some sappy sugary sweetness. I’ll probably rent this. Also, I hope you see Geostorm.

  4. I don’t get why people are surprised that this movie is aimed at kids. The show that it’s based on is aimed at kids! What were they expecting? Citizen Kane with ponies?

    • It’s not like Hasbro intended for the Brony thing to happen. Just because My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic secured an adult following doesn’t make it any less a kids’ show, and the fact that it’s a kids’ show doesn’t (or shouldn’t) mean that you can’t enjoy it.

      • Hasbro exects didn’t intend to get an adult fallowing but Lauren Faust intended it to be enjoyable to adults too. maybe she didn’t really intend to specifically create loyal adult super fans but she has basically said it was bound to happen with how she created the show.

        • Despite the references to contemporary pop culture and so forth, MLP is at it’s core, a cartoon designed to sell toys to young girls. Whether or not MLP: FiM is a kids’ show shouldn’t be the argument. The argument should be that one should be able to enjoy the show despite being outside said show’s target demographic. I’ve seen episodes of Miles From Tomorrowland and Sofia the First, and I know that those are shows intended for little kids (they both air on Disney Junior). I harbor no delusions about that.

          Heck, Batman: The Animated Series, Fox’s X-Men, Animaniacs! and Justice League are all kids shows. B:TAS originally aired on Fox KIDS before moving over to KIDS WB. Am I suggesting that these shows aren’t good? No, they’re all awesome, but they’re still kids’ shows, exceptionally well written kids’ shows, but kids’ shows’ none the less.

          The true test of strength is just doing what you enjoy and not caring about what other people think about it.

          • I didn’t argue it isn’t for kids but that the creator of the shoe expected it to get an adult male fanbase even if she wasn’t directly shooting for one.

          • At this point, saying that My Little Pony is a kids’ franchise is like pointing out that chili peppers are spicy. It’s an obvious fact that no one should be debating at this stage.

            I don’t doubt that Lauren Faust could have predicted that adults would enjoy the show, but I find it difficult to believe that Lauren Faust predicted that the show would be a hit with adult males specifically. Unless she’s a clairvoyant, I don’t see how she could have known that.

          • Well.. technically G1 already has hidden fandom (Critic mention that in one of episodes) and Lauren already worked on geek show, so I wouldn’t call it “clairvoyance” but experience.

  5. also, wile MLP never gets too dark and series and I haven’t seen the film yet, not sure if it’s not taking itself too seriously when I read that the Storm King enslaved Equestria with chains and everything. and Tempest was implied to have tortured another character off screen.

    • The Real Silverstar

      I think I was in 5th grade when I learned the difference between the words ‘wile’ and ‘while’, and I knew ‘series’ and ‘serious’ were 2 different words long before that.

      As usual, DA, you’re prattling on but not really saying anything. Torture and enslavement happen in comedies and fairy tales, Chester; those things alone aren’t indicators of anything; it’s the context in which they’re handled.

      It seems to me that (especially given that you haven’t yet seen the movie) that you’re just trying to reassure yourself that this flick isn’t a lighthearted romp for the simple fact that lighthearted doesn’t register a blip in your personal radar. You don’t appreciate light material because you don’t understand it. Like that Mr. Enter twit you worship, you possess some sort of psychological impairment (somewhere on the spectrum, I’m guessing) which renders you incapable of understanding concepts like humor, wit, satire and sarcasm. And it’s nothing you can help; people like you are just wired differently than folks like myself and others…we use different parts of our brains. It’s what my brother defines as Head People versus Heart People.

      Head People are logical; they’re usually good at math, science, art, music, comedy, etc. Heart people react to emotion. They are usually driven by fear, lust, faith, religion, etc. Moments of raw emotion resonate with you, but comedy contains subtleties, nuances and complexities that you’re simply not capable of grasping. I know this because I’ve witnessed people (myself included) cracking on you and you continue to blather on, not even realizing that you’ve been cracked on. You just take this stuff WAY too seriously; liking or disliking cartoons is NOT serious business, they’re just cartoons, lighten up.

      ALL stories are entertainment. What YOU personally find entertaining seems to only be emotional stuff. I don’t. I want a good story, as little soap opera BS and melodrama as possible, to not feel the work is being pretentious and generally enjoy what I watched. If you enjoy the show, you’ll enjoy this movie, but it doesn’t take itself overly seriously, at least not to the standards that you seem to want, because that’s not possible. Something aimed at young kids isn’t going to some gripping essay of the human condition, nor does it need to be. Stick to what you do best: yammering on about heart and emotional moments, but when it comes to humor and fun, the best thing you can do is sit down, zip it and let the grownups talk. At least wait until you’ve seen the film before you attempt to critique it.

      (BTW, I’m not going to spend the next several days arguing with you about this, so my advice is to rope yourself in and show some restraint for once.)

      • I don’t want to continuously argue either but I said before that I do not had comedy in and of itself and I know light hearted stuff can have emotion and character development, I like the actual show after all. it’s just torture and slavery is usually seen as an incredibly dark and serious things to include in a kids movie. like how even by today’s standars, the Pleasure Island scene from Pinocchio is seen as very dark for a kids film.

        plus, if I didn’t like comedy, why would I watch the videos on this site?

        and you probably assume I want everything super serious and dramatic because your on the opposite extreme. you don’t care about any emotion or development at all, you just want pies in the face.

        • You’re making assumptions, and we all know what happens when you ASSume.

          When did Silverstar say that he was against emotion and character development? He just said that he prefers his entertainment to not be bogged with a bunch of drama and angst.

          There are other ways to develop fictional characters besides just having them go through a lot of angst. MLP is geared to kids, and kids don’t want to watch an angst-fest. They want to have fun. Prefer what you prefer, but to watch something that’s billed as a comedy and then complain about the lack of heavy drama in it is just asinine.

        • The Real Silverstar

          “you just want pies in the face.”

          No, actually I’d like to see a red-hot poker shoved up your ass, but pies can be fun too.

          Guess what, kid? I’m entitled to like and dislike whatever I choose, and I don’t have to explain myself or defend my tastes either. When you finally become an adult (and by that I mean mentally) you’ll understand that.

      • “Show some restraint for once.”

        That’s a hell of a thing to say at the end of a long, barely comprehensible rant about how much better you are than someone else who made an innocuous comment that ultimately had nothing to do with anything you ended up saying. Especially when a huge chunk of it is just hateful ableist drivel.

        Different people like different things, for different reasons. Don’t insult people just because they aren’t exactly the same as you.

        • The Real Silverstar

          “I’m going to inform someone not to insult someone for having a different opinion by insulting that person for having a different opinion”. The irony here is so delicious that it must be fattening.

          If a person continually spams a discussion, as DA often does, they should expect pushback. He doesn’t get to do what he does without being called on it. Besides, I think he just likes the attention.

          Don’t like my so-called “hateful abelist drivel”? Then don’t read it. Problem solved. I wasn’t talking to you anyway. If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

        • I read his post and I could comprehend it just fine. How is it his fault that you’re unable to follow it? He’s allowed his opinion, just like everyone else. The problem with DA’s posts is that they often reek of ignorance and hypocrisy, and he’s merely making note of the fact.

          Also, the word “abelist” is misspelled. I had to look that one up to make sure that it actually existed.

          • and to finish up as I have nothing else to say unless I am forgetting something, I did say MLP was never TOO dark and serious in the first comment. I was just unsure how it wouldn’t be darker then the show with the slavery and implied torture. that stuff is considered very dark in kids films. look up videos on YouTube about dark stuff in kids films, there are a lot of them and they talk about stuff like this.

            also, as even Lupa has said in her review of Chairman of the Board, you have to emotionally connect to a character before you can laugh at their antics.

      • also, why are you talking about emotional stuff you think I like as if it isn’t there when MLP is all about emotion and character driven drama?

  6. and if you think Tempest’s backstory was weak, you should have seen Starlight Glimmer, the villain from season five. their poor handling of villains lately and making the “reformed” villains important parts of major story arcs made be give up on the show except for a few episodes I am interested in and this movie.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Dude, I stopped watching this show a considerable while ago, and it wasn’t a big thing to me even back then. I really don’t care.

    • I used to listening that bullshit, but Starlight behavior fit autistic people (which she is alongside the Maud Pie) and there is nothing wrong with it.

      • no, there isn’t. my problem was that despite her not being a cackling sadist type bad guy, she still messed with space and time and brainwashed a town and wasn’t thrown in the dungeon. nothing to do with autism.

        • Ekscept she didn’t brainwash them. They all were disappointment by they cutey marks and believe that Starlight idea wold work, and just were pissed by her hypocrisy on the end, even if she technically wasn’t incorrect. Furthermore Starlight was unaware that she mess up reality. She only try have a petty revenge on Twilight. She never was evil, she was only confused as people in her situation tend to do. But it is not first time when I meet with such level of ignorance as yours.

          • if it wasn’t brainwashing, then what was the indoctrination shack she stuffed the main six in? it was treated as a traumatizing experience and is the kind of thing cults use.

            and it doesn’t matter if she didn’t know she was ruining Equestria with time travel. and some people think maybe MLP time travel works on the Multiverse Theory, meaning those horrible alternate timelines would still exist.

          • “if it wasn’t brainwashing, then what was the indoctrination shack she stuffed the main six in?”

            What indoctrination shack? It was normal shack. Only real crime Starlight commit was kidnaping, but for thet she need to be accused by victims. Furthermore she only did that as desperate move as she did believe that Twilight want destroy her “perfect” society what wasn’t exactly true.

            In general her project did work, as Our Town is still a simple society for those who don’t want seek own talents. She simply went overboard with forcibly equalizing everyone and being overly paranoid. When others who did agree to participate in project find out that she didn’t equalize herself (as she only could use that spell) they were pissed. But only because whole idea was flawed and she lied to them about that.

            When she revisit town later literally no one blame her. She blame herself most because she was aware that she start threat them as slaves justifying it by the cause. But it wasn’t that they really were such. I understand anti-communistic bias of some people, but seriously.. don’t fall in they own logic yourself.

            “some people think maybe MLP time travel works on the Multiverse Theory, meaning those horrible alternate timelines would still exist”

            First of, it is a theory. Secondary, even if it is true whole idea of multiverse mean that they did exist anyway as potential and action itself is irrelevant as it dictate only current timeline. Do you think what exactly differ separate timelines from separate worlds after all? So before you use something as argument learn how it work on the first place.

  7. I just saw this and found it to be okay. I wish Princess Celestia was in it more! The villain was pretty shallow (the Storm King). Tempest was fine though. I loved the animation. The minor characters were pretty useless.

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