My Little Pony: The Movie – Midnight Screenings

Oh it’s that other highly anticipated movie of the weekend.

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  1. In short: Great visuals, even greater songs, quite basic plot. It definitely is not bad movie but I did expect more. Basically level of average show episode. Still worth watching if someone like the show or have a kid and need take her on something, but as for more balanced viewer I would suggest more season pilots and finales with bunch of recommended episodes.

    • For comparison:
      S1 Pilot – Ponies need defeat Queen of the Night
      S2 Polot – Ponies need defeat the spirit of Chaos (basically a pony version of Q from Star Trek)
      S2 Final – Ponies need defeat Queen of the Changelings and they army trying invade Equestria (what by the way was far larger force then Strom King pitiful forces)
      S3 Pilot – Ponies need defeat evil pony overlord.
      S3 Final – Twilight screw up reality.. literally.
      S4 Pilot – This time something from the past screw up reality.
      S4 Final – Ponies need “super sayan” the devil.
      S5 Pilot – Basically a Animal Farm
      S5 Final – Ponies need defeat pony trying rewrite history.
      S6 Pilot – Screw up reality again.
      S6 Final – Ponies save Changelings from they Queen.
      S7E10 – Well.. one word.. Sunbreaker!
      S7 Finale – It would be huge!

      MLP: Movie – Because everyone suck for some reason ponies need defeat lame local overlord and his quite badass pony commander. Still those are more Daring Do villains then something what would really threat Equestria until that was another plot of S.M.I.L.E. (Secret Monster Intelligence League of Equestria) under Celestia command (as they also did released Tirek in order to test Twilight).

  2. Devil's Advocate

    I haven’t seen the film myself so I could be wrong but from your descriptions, it doesn’t stand out from the show or is geared a little too much to the fans so it’s understandable it wasn’t for you.

    though, the other Equestria Girls movies were more well liked by the fans.

    • No, quite opposite. It do stand out from the show what generally has better if not great episodes (movie is just average filer). Also it definitely isn’t targeted to the fans but (shock) to the kids. Not only it has really small amount of geeky stuff but literally I need conspiracy theory to explain why there was no Royal Guard’s battalion, Cloudsdale Air division and Cloudsdale itself (basically a flying fortress) present there in time of the invasion.

      Also I can’t say that I like basic idea of the Equestria Girls and movie has definitely better visuals and great songs, but what can I say is that they are more derring in exploring hidden lore of the show (what usually is about demonic stuff) then movie what waste great opportunity for rise of pony version of Midnight Sparkle, as Tempest almost break Twilight. Though I did like more G1 references then usual.

      • But the kids *are* fans. The series was made primarily to sell toys to young girls, so naturally the movie based on the TV show is going to be aimed at kids, first and foremost. The whole “Brony” phenomenon was just a happy accident and not something that the show’s producers intended to happen. Yeah, MLP: FiM does have an adult fan base largely due to the show’s above average writing, but the show is still at it’s core, a kids cartoon. Kids buy most of the MLP toys, therefore they’re the target audience. This isn’t something that I would pay to see in a theater, but then, it wasn’t made for me. It only matters if kids like it.

        I will say this: Kudos to having the shows main cast still be voiced by their usual voice actors instead of replacing them with celebrities. There were celebrity voices, but they were all voicing new characters introduced for the film.

        Incidentally, it annoys me when adult female fans refer to themselves as “Bronies”. A Brony is an adult male fan of My Little Pony. It’s a portmanteau of the words “bro” and “pony”. Therefore, adult women and children who like MLP aren’t Bronies. No malice intended there, it’s just a minor irritant.

        • Something else obvious you have to say? I only pointed out that movie wasn’t targeted to the baronies. From third season show strongly start include elements from the fandom. Movie has no stuff like that or deeper plot.

          Also I don’t consider females calling themselves “bronies” as huge issue. This term originated in order to rise awareness of male audience of the show. It wasn’t meant to be exclusionary, so even if properly they should call themselves Pegasis I understand why some women don’t like that.

          • What’s with the attitude, dude? I was giving an opinion. The entire point of a public forum is the exchange of different opinions and ideas, at least it was the last time I checked. We’re talking about a cartoon about magical pastel colored horses. Why so serious? You can like something and still acknowledge it for what it is. Don’t be *that* type of fan.

            I never said that the Brony thing was a “huge issue”; it’s just something that I personally find annoying because I don’t get why non-bros would want to refer to themselves as “Bronies”. It’s like the A&E channel (which used to stand for Arts & Entertainment) still using those call letters despite the channel no longer being about the performing arts, so now the letters don’t stand for anything; it’s annoying because it’s inaccurate. They can call themselves whatever they want, it’s just inaccurate. Also, I don’t get why adult female MLP fans would want to call themselves Pegasi (which would be the plural of Pegasis), when that’s just one type of pony. That term is a little too specific. I mean, what if you prefer the Unicorns or the Earth Ponies? However, if I were a female fan, I’d rather call myself a Pegasus (or maybe a “Pegasister”) than a Brony. Why not just call themselves Pony fans?

  3. The Real Silverstar

    Caught this and Andre Meadows (Black Nerd)’s reviews of this, and yeah, this sounds like it was just what I figured it’d be: an extended episode of the show with a bigger budget and some celebrity voices thrown in for good measure, which is fine if you’re a fan of the show, and if you’re not, well, you weren’t going to go see this anyway so it makes no difference. The Sea Ponies sequence exists for no other reason than to have some new toys to sell in time for the holidays.

    • Basically, I hoped that they will make something big for it.. but they keep that for season 7 finale. In end it was what I basically expected from the beginning.

  4. Well, I’m seeing the movie tomorrow and I’ll have the blu-ray eventually regardless, but I’m 50/50 on whether it will be a good representation of the show or a colossally disappointing sellout. The show at its best is way more clever than anything called My Little Pony has any right to be, which is why I’m a fan of it. As someone who went back and watched G1-3 during a hiatus between seasons of FiM, I’ll make it through this film even if it’s bad as there is past gen MLP stuff I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Don’t ask how I survived with my manhood intact. I think it’s just a miracle.

    As for Equestria Girls, the series is actually fairly well regarded now among the fandom save for the first film. Sunset Shimmer is a big reason why, and may be part of why we now have Starlight Glimmer. Anyways, fans have wanted an in-universe film since the first EQG trolled us. I actually wasn’t part of the fandom then, but I assume there was some disappointment when the first feature length FiM film was announced and then it was revealed that it wouldn’t be in-universe. It also came on the heels of Twilight becoming an Alicorn, which apparently caused many fans to leave the fandom. I thankfully missed that whole debacle, but I’ve wanted an in-universe film for a while so I hope I’ll enjoy this one.

    • Ok, I will comfort you now that it is at worst average. It definitely isn’t soulless sellout or rushed trash, but it isn’t also more then just a filler.

      “Don’t ask how I survived with my manhood intact”
      Lol. No, you proved your manhood, as only kids feer what people think about that. Real man don’t give a shit.

      “but I assume there was some disappointment when the first feature length FiM film was announced and then it was revealed that it wouldn’t be in-universe”
      But it is in universe and I don’t recall any such kind revelation. They just keep possibility for that in case if fans would not like the idea. Anyway that Sirens incident did happen was confirmed in the show anyway.

      “it also came on the heels of Twilight becoming an Alicorn, which apparently caused many fans to leave the fandom”
      Except it didn’t. There was some pointless whining when that happen. But I never did see any rational reason for that outside hatred toward authority. Also it work out in the end and I don’t see fandom being weaker in any way.

      “I thankfully missed that whole debacle, but I’ve wanted an in-universe film for a while so I hope I’ll enjoy this one.”

    • The Real Silverstar

      “It also came on the heels of Twilight becoming an Alicorn, which apparently caused many fans to leave the fandom.”

      Eh, I had already jumped off the Pony bandwagon a while before the Alicorn Princess Twilight thing. I just felt that the show was really starting to hit a lot of the same beats, and I was never super into MLP to begin with (I think Lauren Faust did a good job of establishing rules for the MLP world and how it works as opposed to 80’s Hasbro suits who were clearly just tossing a bunch of stuff at the screen hoping to sell as many toys as possible–and no, I’m not delusional, I know this series is designed to sell toys too, but at least in FiM there’s some genuine thought and effort put into the characters and mythos, so I have to give credit where credit is due, but overall there are just other things I’d rather geek out on than Ponies) so I just stopped following MLP: FiM after a while. To me the Alicorn Twilight bit came off as a naked cash-grab and an attention-getting device, nothing more. Whether this change was for better or for worse is up to the individual, but it really didn’t alter that much.

  5. Personally, I found myself feeling tired and disappointed, after having watched the movie…
    For me, it failed at even being at least as interesting as a 20min episode.
    The characters were almost entirely empty ”pretty” shells… The Royalty was even more useless than even in the worst moments of the series… The locations were all just ”fast-forwarded” from one ”Look ! That 1 cool character from the trailers!” to the other…

    Sigh. It really was just not that great, at all… and this saddens me.

  6. ”Bronies killed the fandom”… What a vicious and idiotic statement to make. Sigh.
    Whoever that guy is, left of Cinamasnob, he has a rather heinous view of them. Just like any other average trolls, taking small parts of the whole and making it sounds like it’s the majority… while, of course, failing to mention all of the charities and various positive achievements. Conveniently. -_-

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