Netflix’s Daredevil Vlogs: Episode 1

By popular demand! Also, a sneak peek at what our next vlog series will be!

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  1. OMG they are gonna do Spongebob V-logs! Rejoice!

  2. Daredevil? Haven’t your Fans sended a shitload of messages about Steven Universe? So why the hell this?

  3. Oh please say the intro is a rip-off of Game of Thrones! I’ve said it a few times and some DD-fans got really defensive with me! Hahahaha!

    • gintareforever9

      Well they were done by the same people so that is probably going to happen. I don’t watch Game of Thrones so the first thing the intro reminded me of was True Detective, which again was done by the same people as those. Elastic does have their own style that is recognizable to a fault, I guess.

  4. Any chance that you’ll ever do Agent Carter, too?

  5. littlewillie610

    Steven Universe! Success!

  6. littlewillie610

    Oh right. Daredevil is cool too.

  7. We need to reset the “Man of Steel” clock

    How long has it been since they last brought it up? 5 days?

  8. I guess I gotta watch this show to follow these Vlogs, then.
    Whatever happened to Vlogging the Gravity Falls shorts? I thought you guys would’ve leapt on that.

  9. Watch Invader ZIM!!1

  10. ZeppelinSkywalker

    Well why not Game of Thrones?

  11. A thing I relay like about the upcoming episode is when he fights while injured. When he flips a guy then falls on his ass. There’s a neat realism to that fight, because the pain makes him clumsier, and you get to see a man, who is quite mortal, off his game. I find that rare in action films, the hero and villain are always in perfect form, regardless of the visible wounds, not in Dare Devil. It’s quite refreshing.

  12. When they started doing that confession my mum and I looked at each other and groaned. I think it carried over for an episode or two before we really started getting in to it.

  13. Daredevil is the best Netflix TV show so far. I’m glad Rob (with Doug in tow!) is doing vlogs!

  14. Daredevil and steven universe are freaking awesome! But after that doug should do star wars rebels. You know just to build up to the release of the force awakens

  15. I really loved every moment with wesley in it, without him I don’t know how sold I would have been with his boss.

  16. A neat little extra is if you look in Netflix’s language menu, they actually have a descriptive audio setting so visually impaired/blind people can enjoy the series too.

  17. I believe that one day you guys will do another vlog series of a show that I have actually seen. The last one was the Avatar V-logs. LOL! So… again, Marvel is wiping the floor with DC. 😀

  18. The Mysterious M

    Awesome! I love you V-Log series.

    You know, in your various videos, you talk about it so much. I would love, in the future, to see you do A Vlog of Once Upon a Time

  19. Great to hear about Steven Universe. =)
    Keep in mind though before you start, it’s one of those shows that takes a while to get going and has a deliberately leisurely pace, like a lot of slice-of-life anime. Not much really happens in terms of big events until mid way through season one, though a lot of crucial character development and world-building is being established early on in what seem like stand-alone episodes. A lot of things that at first seem like throwaway lines actually turn out to be highly significant pieces of foreshadowing later on.

    Still, feel free to review two or three episodes at a time early on before you get to the really good stuff from the middle on season one onwards.

  20. So Steven Universe vlog’s are coming and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit excited, however I do admit that the show takes a while to get going, so I’m curious what’s going to be the episode that hooks you in.

    A friend recommended this series to me a while ago so I have been meaning to start watching it for some time, you making vlogs is about as good a time as any to start.

    I quite enjoyed this episode, I like the idea of a lawyer/vigilante superhero and this episode did for the most part deliver on that premise, both the drama and the action was very solid and I liked the direction and the way everything looked, it did take me a while to get hooked(for me the moment was probably Matt’s conversation with Page in his house) and i too wasn’t the biggest fan of the confession scene.

  21. Azurath TheRider

    Steven U. Vlogs…well, figures.

  22. Well if you guys are gonna do Daredevil, then you should squeeze in Agent Carter and Gotham into your schedules. Both shows are done with their first seasons, I think. Gotham’s a bit more out there with what’s canon in the comics, but I think the show rocks. All the superhero shows!

  23. SU vlogs? Well it was coming eventually. Something to tide us over during the hiatus.

    Speaking of Netflix shows, how about you guys talk about Bojack Horseman some time after Steven Universe?

  24. I couldn’t agree more about the opening scene in the expositional booth. It didn’t help.
    But, yeah, the show picked up from there.

    One of the best reviews of the movie I read was that it felt like an hour-and-a-half trailer. The Director’s cut is what it’s a trailer for – still not a great movie by any stretch, but much less worse than its trailer. (Which I still thought was okay. Just okay.)
    BTW, Wesley was also in the movie. Just puttin’ it out there.

    One thing that the show has that puts it miles above the movie – Matt Murdoch acts blind.
    In the movie, you are never once convinced you’re seeing a blind guy, or that the people around him would be convinced either.
    The show totally pulls that off.

  25. In the film Ben Affleck was wearing contact lenses that were so thick he actually could not see through them. It’s kind of a cheat, but it did get the effect you guys describe of making his eyes do the “movie blindness” look.

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