Netflix’s Daredevil Vlogs: Episode 10 – Nelson v. Murdock

Yeah, it’s not as exciting as it sounds.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    That thing with Fisk’s mother in the nursing home: that reminded me way too much of Arrow. In Arrow, Brother Blood has a mother he secretly keeps in a nursing home, and one of the supporting characters finds her, leading Blood to kill. There’s a different outcome, and that’s all I’ll say.

  2. Hm… I have to say, I agree it was dragged out a bit too long, but I think the emotion was necessary. I mean, yeah, it might seem a bit unusual for friends to be that emotional about these things, but you have to remember, they’re really all each other has, or have had, rather, for a long time.

    Matt’s first dad is dead, Stick abandoned him, and he just met Claire. Foggy’s relationship with what’s-her-name was pretty much a fling, as well. For emotional support, other than Karen, who they also just met, they just have each other.

    I also really like some of the points that were brought up, particularly that horrific story of Matt’s. There are some things that just can’t be argued, and that was a perfect example.

  3. Foggy just spent a little too much time whining. And there was barely a hint of curiosity about what Matt can do. Yeah, it wouldn’t have been appropriate for Foggy to just geek out and immediately jump on board. But that doesn’t mean he had to bitch out so completely for so many scenes in a row.

    Maybe if they’d actually had a scene in some previous episode where Foggy saw “the man in the mask” do some awesome stuff. But no. All he knows is what’s in the negative press, which leaves him taking the role of misinformed judgmental cry-baby for the episode. Not sure that was the best way to set up the big reveal

  4. I thought that episode was pretty important

  5. I think this was one of the most important episodes of the series. Not only do you have Foggy, Matt’s best friend, discovering his secret identity in a way that he didn’t want to happen, but you have an emotional conflict that was needed. People say Foggy whined too much, or that he should have been a bit more interested in what Matt was doing, but does that really make sense in context with what previously happened? Foggy was 100% against the Man in the Mask. He thought he was a terrorist. Learning that his friend lied to him since he met him, about multiple things, probably made him not trust him, so of course he would want an explanation as to /why/ he was doing this instead of /what/ he was doing.

    I like Foggy as a character, and I thought his character shined in this episode. He didn’t have a lot of comedy in the present-time scenes, and he was pretty lawyer-like when talking to Matt; he was more comical in the flashbacks, but he was in college, and, from personal experiences, you have to joke as much as you can when you’re going through the hell that is college and law school. He might have whined, but if you discovered that your best and closest friend had lied to you for years I think you would be a bit angry and “whiny” as well. I think this was the most practical and realistic way to Foggy to discover Matt. I mean, what else would have happened? Would he have discovered him by walking in as Matt was getting ready to leave or when he got back completely healthy? Would Matt have just told him because…. he could? I think this was the best way to go with the characters. I would rather see Matt try to convince him that he’s the good guy instead of Foggy thinking that he might be a good guy. It’s like the opposite of innocent until proven guilty, which is pretty ironic.

  6. Personally I just wished the Night Nurse character (I forget the character name) had been in this episode. This is because I would have liked to see her played off against Foggy before the conflict between Matt and Foggy. Because we see Foggy playing off against Matt and Karen in basically all the episodes. So it would have been nice to have Foggy working against a character with a different personality.

  7. littlewillie610

    While I didn’t despise them, I can’t say the Foggy-Murdock flashbacks drew me in all that much. From what I remember, their verbal sparring throughout the episode was handled well enough. On my initial viewing, I thought Wesley had poisoned the wine. The other candidates seemed a little too obvious to me.

  8. Oh, puns. I have a love-hate relationship with you.

  9. I’m surprised that you guys haven’t talked about Ben Urich more. I personally think he’s by far the worst part of the show. Everything about his character is just so predictable and trite.

  10. It’s actually one of my favourite episodes…at least the Foggy v Matt part of it. I thought it was great.

  11. I actually still liked this episode, nelson and murdock talking went on a bit long but I still found it pretty engaging, maybe it’s because they cut away to other stuff just enough and that we learned a lot about both characters, I do agree that the scene with fisk and gao and the scene at the party are the best parts of the episode.

  12. So, can we see a Steven Universe Vlog series anytime soon? While I can’t really speak for the whole audience, I really think people would enjoy it. On that note, if you haven’t watched it yet, the first six or so episodes are a little slow compared to the rest of the show, but that isn’t saying much considering how good the show is.

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