Netflix’s Daredevil Vlogs: Episode 12 – The Ones We Leave Behind

This is turning into a bloodbath!

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  1. Anyone else notice the cross shape behind Doug under the bookcase?

    Pure coincidence, but still.

  2. I love that scene where Fisk starts working himself up into giant-rage-baby mode and the dude is still just talking to him like he’s addressing a rational human being. But the audience knows better. He’s about to meet the rage-baby and it’s gonna be the end of him. There was no way they were gonna turn it into another reverse fake-out after the previous episode. That wouldn’t fly twice in a row.

  3. The Mysterious M

    I loved the ending. That was so shocking. And that quote, while kind of hokey, was great.

    “But you involved my mother. MY MOTHER! So I’m not here to threaten you… I’m here to kill you!”

  4. The Mysterious M

    It’s funny, I think of Bob Gunton, and the first film I think of is Shawshank Redemption

  5. PrincessPaladin

    Adventure Time season 6 is now done. Nothing stopping you from marathoning all of the remaining episodes and posting the vlogs now! 😀

  6. Debashish Mahapatra

    I hated Karen after this episode. She got 2 people killed!!! 1 was his coworker and then Urich. She was too stupid in both the situation. She immediately went to her boss asking about his criminal activity.
    and then later with Ben. She could have just said ‘Hey, I found Fisks mother”


  7. Debashish Mahapatra

    Also Urich was a major character in Civil War event. So it sucks that he wont be there talking down to Captain America.

  8. This was a pretty great episode despite it mostly setting things up for the grand finale, I must say I did not see the ending coming as I always expected Ben to survive the story, hell I thought page was more likely to die than him.

    I always liked Leland, he’s wonderfully snarky and a great foil for the other criminal leaders, plus I always like characters that are clearly way in over their head especially villains.

    I just realized that with page killing Wesley and foggy asking help from the bitchy lawyer lady, all three of the main characters now have a big secret.

  9. littlewillie610

    This was a pretty high body count for a first season. I wonder how the next will compare in that regard. I don’t really know too about the Daredevil comics, and wasn’t sure if Urich was supposed to be a significant character outside the show. That whole scene with him and Fisk was quite unsettling.

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