Netflix’s Daredevil Vlogs: Episode 13 – Daredevil

That costume looks…pretty bad.

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  1. The guy from Amazing Spiderman was Gustav Graves, aka The Gentleman, a villain from The Sinister Six novel trilogy who was indirectly responsible for the death of Peter’s parents, having sold them out to the Communist Red Skull.

    Apparently the director just thought he was an interesting villain who hadn’t been done before and…wanted to use him,

  2. I think it makes sense in this story for him to not tell Karen. Matt never actually TOLD anyone that he was The Man in the Mask; both times he was that happens he was forced to reveal it by circumstance, so it makes sense that he’s still trying to keep some semblance of control. Plus, the more people know a secret, the more likely it is that the secret gets out.

    Also at the end of the day, Foggy is someone he has known for years and he took the news horribly; it nearly ruined their friendship. So while he can reasonably expect Karen to take the news better, he probably doesn’t want to tell her just on the off chance, not to mention while he clearly considers her a friend, he hasn’t really known her more than a few weeks AND in that time she has proven to be reckless and not always trustworthy (even if her intentions are usually okay).

    Also since it’s likely they might eventually go down the Born Again route, whether Matt himself realises it or not, Karen finding out might end up being something that seriously bites him in the ass, so you can’t really say any fears he might have about telling Karen are unreasonable when it may well be destined to go horribly wrong.

  3. They’re going to do AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist shows which will all converge with Daredevil for a big crossover event the Defenders, although honestly that line up is more Heroes for Hire than it is Defenders, but I’m excited I love what they did with Daredevil anti want to see how they interpret all these different characters and I like the fact that this are all street level heroes, they aren’t the Avengers or the Fantastic 4, they don’t fight megalomaniacal evil geniuses bent on dominating the earth or all powerful cosmic beings on paths of mass destruction, these are four characters who mostly just deal with muggers and the occasional c-list super villain, which I think is awesome Daredevil showed that they can take something small scale like one man wanting to destroy and rebuild a few city blocks and can be just as epic and gripping as a villainous android who wants to cause an extinction level event on the planet, and if they did this with just one characters series I want to see what they’ll do with the other three and what kind of threat would these people face that would bring them to work with each other

  4. Also prediction for if they want to make Potter his full on villainous identity of the Gladiator, Fisk gets out and kills his lady friend because he knows Potter made Daredevil’s suit, Potter blames Daredevil because he said he’d protect her from him, so he makes his Gladiator suit and goes after him, also he’d probably know how to destroy Daredevil’s costume considering he made it, so afterwards it’d make for a good excuse for Matt to have to get a new redesigned costume

    • I think they said Daredevil’s suit is going to get modifications and upgrades as the series goes on.

      • Good because he looks legit like Grumpy Cat and, even if it’s NOT constrictive as hell compared to the black costume, it looks it.
        But yes, I know we haven’t met her yet, but start the fridge timer for Betsy anyway.

  5. The Scarlet Ninja

    I don’t have too much of a problem with the suit because they DO poke fun at it, but maybe the eyes should be covered, we’ll see next season if they modify it.

  6. No, Ben Urich is not black in the comics.

  7. Considering Rob at least seems really into anime (and I know you are a bit, Doug), think you two would ever do any anime vlogs?

    I can think of more than a few shows that would be up your guys’ alley that I would love to see how you react to.

  8. In the comics Matt actually did tell Karen his identity and it did not go well for him. I’m surprised Rob hasn’t read Born Again that’s pretty much the Dark Knight Returns of Daredevil stories or maybe he has and just forgot about it in which case fair enough probably been a lot of years.

  9. Dafuq…. whats wrong with the costume? It looks fine.

  10. I feel that was too hurried.
    I think we needed at least 3 episodes for the fall of the kingpin.
    But this series had potential to fill 20 episodes or more with this arc.

    • I felt the same way. I never actually bought that things were so bad for Kingpin that he was on the run and being arrested in this episode. He’s been using almost an entire police department as his own private army, he has senators and governors and all kinds of powerful people in his pocket (or so we are told, repeatedly). The only really major setback he suffers was the Russians, which seemed odd to me since at first the way they played it it seemed like he actually wanted them out of the picture, so I never felt that DD had become anything more than an annoyance.

      Season one should have ended with Kingpins press conference, that really felt like a climax for the season and the show felt a little winded by episode thirteen. Another half of season showing Fisks decline would have worked a lot better.

      • The thing is, Fisk has been bleeding since the first episode, it just doesn’t look like it at first. Mat pressures the Russians, eventually pushing them to making mistakes, making Fisk move against them early and without consulting everyone else. This shakes everyone’s confidence in him. His interference repeatedly pushes along the chain of events that leads to the FBI getting evidence against Fisk. He beats up the cop and takes the locations, he ends up in the standoff with the cops that leads to the shooting of the same cop, he interferes with the final offing of that officer and then later the cleanup of his partner.

        Again and again his actions shape up Fisk’s plans and his ally’s confidence in them. If everything went perfectly smoothly, Gao and Leyland quite possibly wouldn’t have cared about Vanessa and the poisoning wouldn’t have happend. The exposure of Union allied wouldn’t have happened, Fisk never would have had to go public, Ben never would have started digging, nobody would have gone to bother his mother, delays and surprises wouldn’t have nettled Nobu… at the start of the series, Fisk has a council of six fairly close allies, and by the final episode they’re all dead or have betrayed him largely due to Daredevil’s actions. We didn’t need a three episode or longer fall of the kingpin, we already got a 13 episode fall. He just rolled with punches very well for most of it.

    • The Mysterious M

      I don’t. But that’s just me. Because, for the Kingpin to rise, Fisk had to fall.

  11. FYI Rob, they are doing 5 marvel Netflix shows. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and finally a Defenders show where they team up. They are basically doing an Avengers TV series.

  12. Did you hear that season 2 will have the punisher?

  13. I actually think the costume looks deadly.

  14. I disagree that the set used for the final confrontation worked well. To me it felt very underwhelming and cheap, it honestly felt like a “we don’t have the budget left for anything better” decision.

  15. littlewillie610

    This episode was a fairly solid finale the show’s first season. This was one of those rare instances where I was able to watch the entire thing without being spoiled on any of the major twists and turns.

    I initially expected the costume to appear around the halfway point, so it was somewhat surprising when they held off until the last episode. Didn’t really have too much of a problem with the design; it’s understandable that something like that would be difficult to translate to screen.

    I don’t really care who ends up who, but the way the Karen-Foggy almost romance was handled seemed a little odd to me. They seemed to place a decent amount of emphasis on it for them to just drop it in the last few episodes.

    Nice job on the Vlogs. Look forward to seeing what you have to say about Steven Universe. I suppose it’s time to change my Daredevil profile picture to a SU theme.

  16. watch invader Zim!

    our at least make nostalgia critic about Dinosaurs tv show XP

  17. The costume not really that bad., as least Thank God it doesn’t look like a cheesy spandex costume.,,.

  18. I’m all for Marvel being different.

    That’s why I think that Marvel should do a Runaways TV show after the defenders. The Runaways is really diverse which is something Marvel could use considering the fact that until Captain Marvel and Black Panther, all of Marvel’s movies will are about straight, cisgender white guys. Runaways could fix that. In the first volume of comics, the two leaders of the group were an Asian-American witch and an African-American genius. Throughout the books, team members included a lesbian alien, a transgender shapeshifter, a half-latino cyborg and a Jewish turned Atheist girl.

    Besides diversity, it could make thing different as a genre. The Runaways aren’t really a superhero group. Their story, if you don’t know, are about a group of kids in the Marvel universe who find out that their parents are actually supervillains and run away from home. They could make it into a pg-13 action comedy sort of like Guardians of the Galaxy but with more modern pop-culture references and with some more serious moments like in the comic. A lot of people think that the comic is for younger children and that at best they could make an animated show but it can get really dark and outside of Marvel’ comfort zone like Daredevil did. Hell, in the first issue a bunch of teenagers watch their parents kill a girl. In short, if Marvel did a Netflix show about the Runaways, they could have a little bit of every genre there along with being diverse.

    I realize now how off topic that was from what I was initially trying to say which is that Marvel needs to be more diverse.

  19. It makes no sense for him to tell ANYbody, because he hasn’t told anybody yet. Everyone who knows his identity has found out despite his best efforts. Foggy showed up at the wrong (or right) time. The priest is just that smart and savvy. Yeah he did tell What’s-her-name what his name was (after she’d already seen his face without his consent) but she’d just almost got killed over him, so… she kinda deserved a little extra consideration. He’s just in the “do not tell people” frame of mind. And if you’ve ever tried to keep something major a secret, you know that the best way to do it is to NOT TELL PEOPLE. Nobody cares as much about keeping your secrets as you do. And if you can’t even stop yourself from telling people then how can you expect anyone else to?

  20. the good samaritan speech also brings it full circle to the first episode, when one of the first thing Karen says to Matt and Foggy is “So what, you’re just a couple of good samaritans”

  21. I felt like if Murdock told Karen he was the man in the mask, it may have helped her in the start, but like with Urich, she would’ve started pressuring him and guilting him into killing Fisk in this season. She was very optimistic and kindof…overzealous? Is that just me?

  22. I liked the costume.

  23. I didn’t like the costume either. I hope they change it in season 2.

  24. Regular Show Vlogs!

  25. I actually thought the costume wasn’t that bad, it’s kind of bland and the horns looked silly, but I don’t think it’s looks terrible.

    I actually think page has already figured out that Murdock is daredevil, she just hasn’t confronted him yet.

    I must say I underestimated Leland, I always assumed he was way in over his head but he actually almost managed to outsmart fisk, he still died and if it wasn’t for daredevil the detective would have been shot but it’s still pretty impressive.

    I’m rather surprised how you didn’t talk about the fact that Lady Gao was totally right, ultimately the kingpins love for Vanessa did result in his downfall, if he had just let Leland walk away he might have won.

    So that was daredevil a pretty awesome finale and a great show overall, I’m very happy I followed my friends advice and started watching it, very curious what season 2 is going to be about since this episode managed to resolve everything pretty well.

    So Steven universe is next, ironically enough just as we begin the second Steven bomb, well that’s going to be some journey.

  26. Well, of course Daredevil’s costume looks awful. He’s blind.

  27. It is said by the man who makes the costume that the suit is not finished when DD takes it. DD notes that it is good for now. I expect modifications to happen based on that.

  28. So has Doug just given up on Adventure Time….

  29. Yeah, I don’t know how to improve that costume unless you had like cloth going over the horns to lessen the cartoonishness.

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