Netflix’s Daredevil Vlogs: Episode 2

Best fight scene in a show ever? May-Friggin-Be.

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  1. im going to have to watch again arent i

  2. I sort of wonder if the decreased emphasis on a lot of the visuals, and the great attention paid to the acoustics is supposed to be reminiscent of the fact that this is a movie about a blind person.

  3. I loved the knife scene because it went against every superhero expectation.

    A hero threatening to knife a guy should be less gruesome than threatening to throw a guy off a tall building but thanks to decades of batman doing it we all have expectations of where gritty heroes will draw the line.

    Even though this is an equally harsh way to question someone it doesn’t have the safety net of genre expectations so we get more of a reaction out of it because it hasn’t been done so often.

    If batman and other vigilante heroes had been doing stuff like that for decades then a lot of people would be talking about how tossing the guy out of the building might be going too far.

    • Well, it’s not really that shocking when the Marvel universe has the guys like The Punisher, Constantine, Wolverine, Deadpool etc. Also, hell DC has guys like The Question who didn’t shy from breaking bones and beating people to a pulp, then there’s also Spawn and many other guys.

  4. Man, there are too many shows to keep up with these days.

  5. Love this episode this show is how you do dark and gritty right.
    This woman is actually from the comics she’s Luke Cage’s old Girlfriend. Also assuming you guys are still doing these and you havent recorded them all keep your eyes peeled for Marvel Easter Eggs like the guy Matt’s Dad fought was I believe a Thor villain Crusher Creel who was also in the other MCU tv series Agents of SHIELD.

  6. There is some actor and stunt double swapping in the fight scene, but it is actually a single shot. There are quite a few articles about it that are easy to find.

  7. the best show with the best fighting is a series called Banshee. the fighting in daredevil is good and all, but hardly ever did a fight end with him stabbing someone in the throat with a car ornament, reaching in and ripping their tongue out.

  8. You are aware that the Show is R-rated, right?

  9. Guys check out this fan made mini-series called Nightwing: the series on youtube. Fan films/series have a place too and I think there is a bright future for that as well.

  10. With the action scene, I’d say movies like The Raid 1-2 kinda do the same where characters beat each other up, but they clearly show being tired and winded as it goes.

  11. littlewillie610

    Nice, I didn’t expect the second video to come out this soon.

    Although there were a couple moments where it looked like there may have been a cut, it has been confirmed through interviews that the entire hallway fight was done in one shot. I’ve seen a lot of people compare it to the fight from Oldboy. After watching both scenes, I can definitely see the resemblance.

  12. The director confirmed that entire fight scene was done in a single shot. No tricks.

  13. the fight scene was clearly inspired by old boy

  14. Debashish Mahapatra

    You should do a quick episode talking about all the other Superhero TV shows. Even if you guys lefts it half way or pilot…
    Want to hear your thoughts!

    Agent of shields, Constantine, Arrow, The Flash, Agent Carter, etc

  15. anyone else catch the easter egg that the dad’s last opponent was The Absorbing Man from Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.?

  16. Ahh I remember how Red October turned into porn at the end…

  17. Well this was another pretty enjoyable episode, it mostly focused on murdock’s back-story and I agree that even though it’s pretty cliché it is well done, and yeah the fight at the end was pretty awesome.

    Is it just me or is the plot of this episode a much darker version of the batman the animated series episode I’ve got a batman in my basement.

    like rob I prefer superhero shows over superhero movies, in generally I like shows more than movies since they just get so much more time to flesh everything out.

    The knife thing was definitely rather shocking, especially because until now we really haven’t seen him do something that gruesome,

  18. I’m so glad that you brought up the Flash and I can’t believe that it’s a DC show on the CW and it’s good! I’m loving that show. Speaking of tonal differences, Arrow and the Flash are different tonally, in my opinion. I’m pretty okay with sanitized violence. That’s never been a complaint of mine.

  19. That was the best directed action sequence I’ve ever seen at the end. I hope there’s more of that.

  20. I think the phrase you two were looking for at the end was “film noir,” and yes, the show did an amazing job with it.

  21. Is there any way that Rob can speak and contribute WITHOUT interrupting Doug? It’s so freaking annoying when Doug is saying something and Rob feels the need to interrupt him because what he just thought of simply cannot wait. Doug always respectfully wait for Rob to speak his mind before talking, please do the same Rob. Watching these vlogs with your constant interruptions is very annoying.

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