Netflix’s Daredevil Vlogs: Episode 5 – World on Fire

Let slip the dogs of war!

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  1. littlewillie610

    I was quite surprised at how quickly the plot progressed in this one. For some reason, I expected the conflict between Fisk and the Russians to last about four or five episodes.

  2. Wow, Rob. You love doing things full-throttle. “If you’re going to shoot a guy, really shoot a guy.” “If you’re going to be a crazy vigilante, be a crazy vigilante.” I gotcha, Rob. You want nothing half-way.

  3. The Mysterious M

    I just have to ask out of sheer curiosity:

    When it showed Fisk and Vanessa watching the explosions… did anyone else think of Fight Club?

  4. Rob, you keep saying that Daredevil is a DC style and Flash is a Marvel style. I beg to differ.

    Marvel is about regular people with human flaws dealing with above human powers and situations. Daredevil is very much that. It can be light like Spider-Man or dark like DareDevil.

    DC is about people or beings with god-like powers, doing god-like things, always trying to stay connected to their humanity, or, in the case of non-humans, trying to be a part of humanity. The Flash is very much that. It can be dark like Batman or Arrow or it can be light like Flash.

    That’s the difference between the heroes and stories from the two comic book companies.

    • Yeah. I mean, I know what he means because DC picked the “dark tone” for the adaptations, while Marvel likes to keep it light to a certain degree and throws in some jokes. But that’s not really the true difference. They can both go dark or light. The difference for me is that DC is more about the villains, while the hero is some sort of wish-fulfilment. Marvel on the other hand is all about the heroes, about their flaws and their mistakes. Not that DC heroes never do anything questionable, but the narrative rarely paints it that way.

  5. I love the Dark Knight Rises. I recognize that there are a lot of problems in the film, but I love the idea and narrative that it was doing. The Dark Knight is definitely better than Dark Knight Rises. But I really enjoyed the Dark Knight Rises because I felt like Bruce/Batman was at his lowest low. I really felt like the stakes were high. But there a lot of problems like the ‘big twist’ (you know which one I mean), the five month gap, police officers standing around while a freaking nuclear bomb is about to go off, and also the lack of screen-time of Batman.

  6. Doug and Rob went 21 hours and 56 minutes without bring up the Star Wars prequels, Dark Knight Rises, or Man of Steel.

    Reset the timer, guys.

  7. Yeah this episode was pretty amazing, I love how it’s the fifth episode and yet so much stuff has already happened, it almost feels like a very long movie.

    My favorite part of the episode was probably the dinner scene, it’s such a tense scene despite a large part of it just being the two talking about relatively normal stuff.

    I wonder if Vanessa was always kind of insane, or if at some during her date she realized that she had gone too far to turn back and decided to just join the kingpin in his insanity.

  8. Diego de la Rosa

    As much as I admire Rob’s ideas regarding film criticism, I can’t help but feel angry when he speak of those that have different opinions from him. He always talks about them with a mocking tone, as if they were stupid or had no strong basis behind them. Dude, I understand the need to defend your position, but don’t act like an arrogant prick when there is no clear necessity for it, specially when talking about something so subjective like art.

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