Netflix’s Daredevil Vlogs: Episode 6 – Condemned

Well, all is lost, now what?

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  1. If you want a great “just for the money” villain then i recommend The Flash’s Captain Cold. The actor playing him is absolutely hamming it up like no tomorrow, but it gives the whole thing this great light-hearted silver age feel, only not quite as campy.

    • Snart however isn’t just in it for the money. It certainly plays a part but he’s also partly in it for kicks. Seriously, second appearance is him breaking into an imported car collection just to lure the Flash.

      • Yeah, he’s kind of like Maleficent in a way. They just revel in being evil and outsmarting their enemies.

      • EdibleConsumer

        This is, to an extent, something I wanted to say about Walter White in Breaking Bad. Yes, he’s in it for the money, but by the end even he was willing to admit it was as much about his ego and satisfaction as for the money. (not that Cold is remotely as complex as of yet, but that’s partly the fun of the character, he’s not ashamed to admit he wouldn’t stop even if he stole enough to live like a king for the rest of his life)

  2. They didn’t have her name Wesley said in the episode right before the king pin kill the Vladimir brother after all the you didn’t get her name.

  3. wow, didn’t expect this opinion. This episode was just tense all the way through for me.

    • Hidden Potential

      This. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes too.

    • Yeah, I was surprised too. Because I honestly adored the interaction between Matt and Vladimir. Plus, I think it is the only episode in which it feels like Fisk makes a really big move and comes off as truly dangerous. It’s not my favourite episode, but certainly far up there.

  4. The Mysterious M

    Doug, our conversation on villain motivations. How there seems to be only two motivations (destruction to rebuild the world and I’m just doing it for the money). I would like to point out Loki is neither of those

  5. The sniper hit the detective because he blabbed to Daredevil earlier in the episode. : ) The other kills were to incriminate Daredevil as well but they were gonna do in the detective anyways. He was on scene so why not take out 2 birds with one stone?

  6. I absolutely loved this episode

  7. I think the sniper was considering shooting Urich, but opted not to because 1) shooting the cops makes for a better smear campaign against Daredevil, and 2) it had the potential of turning Urich against Daredevil due to “OMG Daredevil shot a cop right in front of me!” reasoning.

  8. This is where I part from Doug’s sensibilities. You write the character as the character and stay true to the character. Innovation for its own sake is a lot like bravery for its own sake; often extremely ill advised. If you have an innovative idea then run with it but don’t up end something that’s working fine just to be innovative.

  9. littlewillie610

    I liked this episode largely for interaction between the characters. It almost as if it were in real time. I’m still not sure if Vladimir actually died at the end, or if it’s just supposed to be ambiguous for the time being.

  10. Oh come on, the cliché vilain who thinks he’s saving the city is like the vigilant that saves people on the streets ? Fisk murders people to forge a criminal business. I would have had more respect for his character if he just admitted that somehow, he wants money and power. Walter White did ^^

    I remember being at this phase watching Daredevil; the denial. The show starts to get lame but we don’t want to admit. We don’t want to face it because its so awesome when it starts. So we’re like “okaaay mabe its not as good as the previous episodes but i still like this and that and i think they know where they’re going”.

    No they don’t. They’re going to the costumed hero fighting the big bad guy and that’s it. Its done better than Arrow or Flash. There is some mature tone to it that i just waited for so long. But its just not that good.

  11. PS: also, destroying the bad district of the city to build a new one; that’s freaking Merlin’s plan in Arrow !! Way to go, Netflix, way ot go !

    • Sheesh calm down they’re only TV shows, designed to entertain and get viewers, not everybody has to like or dislike the same things, also the plot of blowing up buildings in a bad part of town to make way for your own wasn’t done by Arrow first it’s been used many times in many different formats and medias, just look at the episode The Mad Bomber from Batman the Animated series, exact same premise done nearly 20 years ago in the early 90’s

  12. EdibleConsumer

    I’m not going to argue the merits of the “make a better world by destroying it” trope, but I do think it’s funny that it seems like the hip new motivation to give villains when it’s been in stories since the dawn of time, the most famous example being the Old Testament flood to cleanse the world of the wicked(pretty sure there’s a similar story in most cultures). I’m sure the fact that Ultron happened so recently is the only reason why that’s the only example you came up with. Zod and the Kryptonians had a similar plan for Earth, but like Ultron, it was more a matter of pest control than trying to make a better world. It shows up a lot in fiction because it’s pretty common in life(I’ve seen more buildings destroyed to make way for new construction than buildings gutted and modernized, and it’s all about the money when developers do that). Leaving aside the moral ambiguity of Old Testament stories, it even shows up whenever more heroic figures say that they’re willing to “burn down this house in order to save it.”

    I think the real reason why it’s rubbing Doug the wrong way is because deep down he’s still a little conflicted about villains having motivations beyond being evil. I haven’t seen the movie Maleficent, but it seemed like a big part of his hate was the humanizing backstory given to a classic villain. It’s not an unpopular opinion(though Doug hasn’t talked about it much), as lots of people hate remakes and reboots that try to explain that our best bad guys aren’t really that bad, they’re just misunderstood and victims of tragic circumstances. Again, not going to argue either side of the issue, I just think it’s interesting that he likes his villains complex, but not TOO complex.

  13. Personally I quite liked this episode, maybe not as much as the last one but certainly not less than any previous episode, the thing that made it for me was that I felt it had a very tense atmosphere, and i found the whole situation of trying to keep a critically wounded guy that wants to kill you alive while also trying to escape corrupt cops very engaging, and like you said the conversation between fisk and Murdock was great.

    I would like to see more villains that are good people fighting for a bad cause, like the villain is a very kind nice noble and even heroic person that’s trying to accomplish something horrible because he feels it’s right.

    As for motivations, I think that having villain that’s trying to protect something or somebody he loves no matter the cost would be interesting.

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