Netflix’s Daredevil Vlogs: Episode 7 – Stick

The blind lead the blind.

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  1. Black Skye can’t be a mutant they don’t have those rights. He could be a Inhuman

  2. Running With Scissors

    I hate to be this person but…d’you think you’ll ever do the Gravity Falls shorts

  3. Well… Hobbit 3 wasn’t the worst as far as references… *virtual shrug*

  4. I got to say, the one place I really “feel” the hits in this show are the “pints” and “clinks” or “pings” they use when someone is hit with a blunt metal object. It really sounds like they made contact with the poor bastards skull when they do.

  5. I think that is the one episode which kind of feels out of place. It’s like it is solely there to set up a lot of stuff which will happen in the future.

  6. I think I know what the appeal of this show is in comparison to the rest of the MCU.

    I once saw this video that said, at it’s core, in one word, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about War. And I think that ties in to Rob’s assessment of Daredevil. The movies can feel like one trick ponies at times, because we’ve been watching a slowly brewing intergalactic war from the vantage of the front lines in basically every movie. And just like ANY war will eventually lose its impact if you ONLY see the front lines, something like Daredevil (any the other upcoming Netflix series’) to show that yes, sometimes a war will affect you hardest when you’re NOT on the front lines.

    In Age of Ultron, when Tony Stark says the reason they fight is so they “can end the fight. SO [they] can go home”, a show like this gives his words more impact because in the back of our mind we know what he means is “so shit like what happened on Daredevil doesn’t have to happen anymore.”

  7. 1) A lot of people assume that ‘Black Sky’ is an inhuman who has not gone through the mist yet (in other words, he has the potential to be turned into a superhuman) because of all the inhuman stuff going on with agents of SHIELD.
    2) A youtube guy has a channel that explains daredevil’s ‘powers.’ The gist of it is that (the current theory) is that all humans have the capacity to have the extra ‘senses’ that Daredevil and Stick have. However, most humans start with this sense ‘turned off.’ Stick learned to unlock it though mystacism and meditation, but Murdock got a shortcut as the chemical spill awoke his natural talent for it.

    Here’s the video:daredevil comic misconceptions

  8. We cant forget that Frank Miller´s Stick and the hand clan are the inspiration for Splinter and the Foot Clan.
    Well ecnically the ooze who create the TMNT gave Daredevil his powers.

  9. littlewillie610

    The dynamic between Matt an Stick was enough to make a fairly strong episode, though I’m not really sure what is going on with Black Skye subplot.

  10. Franklin P. “Foggy” Nelson

  11. travis DG edna

    Dear Doug and Rob,

    I feel like you praise stuff in a weird way. Like, right here, you often praise “Marvel’s Daredevil” by comparing it to other cinematic work, describing the show as superior to The Avengers or The Dark Knight (for example) and in the same breath, you say something like “and we LOVE Avengers! It’s just that it doesn’t do this or that as good as Daredevil”.

    It makes for a skewed comparison. When was Avengers ever trying to do what Daredevil does? And The Dark Knight does things far better than Daredevil, in some aspects. Why would anyone compare different works like that, when we’re talking about films/shows that do their own thing so good? I feel like praise can be given anyway, without devaluing other stuff. It feels unnecessary to force in a comment like “The Dark Knight has so many long speeches, unlike Daredevil”. Just say “Daredevil really got it right with the dialogues” and maybe “I wish the Nolan trilogy could have had dialogues more like this” if you really must compare it.

    Daredevil, The Avengers, The Dark Knight… All of them are good and I don’t think anyone wants it to be just-this-way. We can sometimes need the long speeches of The Dark Knight, or the “Insult & Retort Marathon” of The Avengers. And sometimes we want the grittiness of Daredevil.

    I might be just me, though. Maybe this kind of comparison is the right way to appreciate things.

  12. I just complain that in a series more realistic, they should follow more the comics and make the training covering many years not just a couple of weeks.

  13. Ehhhh as a Japanese person I’d like to say that Stick’s Japanese, while correct, completely and absolutely sounds like someone who does not natively speak Japanese. He has a very, very thick American accent when he talks.

  14. The thing I probably enjoyed most about this episode was how sticks was at the end of the day just kind of a insane dick, the almost abusive mentor is nothing new but it’s pretty rare that you have one that’s portrayed this negatively.

    I wonder were the detective page subplot is going, I like the subplot so far but we kind of already know who’s behind everything, so I’m worried it’s going to end up being rather pointless.

  15. I haven´t yet watch this series, but I will! Sounds promising, at least. But the reason I decided to write, is concerning my childhood´s favourite ( and probably one thhe most under-rated ) Marvel character: The Punisher. No super-powers whatsoever, dark and violent as hell, grazed vietnam marine vet vigilante on a self-declared vendetta on criminals…. armed only with his training and combat-experience, black market and custom weapons and occasionally gadjets from his ” side-kick ” Micro… Sometimes gritty to almost comical extends, it was blood-soaked action from cover to cover. I especially liked the Jim Lee era and John Ramiro JR era, and the earlier stuff. So far the movie industry has bred three movies: 80´s one with Dolph Lungren as Punisher ( u should a review of that, haven´t been able to torture myself ever all the way trough ) then 2000s version ( terrible shite ) and the latest and the best ( so Far ? ) The Punisher War Zone. Not good, but a clear progress. Punisher and Daredevil went head on from time to time as they both mainly influenced on the NYC area. Daredevil didn´t like Punisher´s fatal methods as he always believed in the justice system, whereas Punisher approach was more…. ” direct ” and final… But the one thing in common these films had was the lack of Punisher´s monolog, his ” war.journal ” where he pondered and described his methods….. Thing that I found enjoyably appealing… As he was a dark character and serious character sometimes even to tongue-in-cheek extends. They should make a series of him! He was still a quite liked character back in the day!

  16. Yeees…. Saw the episode, the series looks good! the only question is that does it reach enough audience to keep them making this… Hope so! And responding to ur guys pondering about tthe ice-cream paper, my theory would be that Matt had already gathered enough training to proceed into the phase and that he in fact had been a dear person to Cane, but to illustrate that uponj his young mind would been an obstaclle, a weakness, attachment….. according to Cane….

  17. punisher would be approriate occasional feature-character in the show………(???)

  18. I just like that they gave him a teacher and at least the foundation of some training. They make it clear that it’s something that took a lot of time and effort to get this good. One of the dumbest parts of the movie was how the kid could just suddenly slide down rails on one foot and kick the bigger kids asses. Just having the heightened senses should not suddenly make him Kid-Ninja. Just being completely aware of your surroundings does not mean your body is suddenly capable of doing awesome things.

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