Netflix’s Daredevil Vlogs: Episode 9 – Speak of the Devil

Kingpin and Daredevil finally fight…and it’s not pretty.

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  1. LOL. Yeah, I just verified that search about you confusing the Kingpin actor. It was like the fourth result. Hilarious! 😀

  2. Fun Fact: the priest in the show is actually a character from the comic series Runaways, which is about a group of kids who discover that their parents are actually a group of super-villains who rule Los Angeles. It’s my favourite series and I hope this is foreshadowing a Netflix series for them.

    • Isn’t he actually from Cloak and Dagger (which would also be awesome in the MCU!), and only showed up in Runaways once?

      (Remembering that Runaways – as you imply – is set in LA, not NY.)

  3. Jamie Cox said that fight scene in Episode 2 was “shot to look like it was done in one take” which to me implies it wasn’t.

  4. When is the review gonna start!(?) Five minutes-in a 15-min review, still waiting… Oh well. Could still be good.

  5. Oh, for God’s sake… KINGPIN in DAREDEVIL was played by MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN!!! Not VING Goddamn RHAMES!!!!!

  6. Here you go Doug, behind the scenes footage of Sigourney Weaver making the shot in Alien Resurrection.

    Check out this link:

  7. I don’t really consider the fight at the end to be real battle since Murdock was wounded to the point of near death, it was still kind of cool to see the kingpin fight again.

    I don’t think they went too far with the main characters mourning the old ladies death, it felt very natural and highly in character for all of them, it also helped that I personally found her death very sad and unexpected.

    I was surprised how much I liked the conversations with the priest, I’m usually not a big fan of priest characters(hate to admit it but that’s probably because of my lack of religious background) but he’s pretty likeable and interesting.

    I do wonder why Nobu decided to attack Murdock himself, doesn’t he have other ninjas for jobs like that? still a cool fight though.

    • I agree with you on the mourning. It made the characters more realistic. In real life you don’t just get sad over something this big once then forget about it. That’s also why I really liked them showing Karen as vulnerable after what happens in the next few episodes. It lets her have her badass moment while still showing her human side.

      The reason I liked the priest is because he’s from the Runaways series which is my favourite superhero team. I’m really hoping that this and Ultron (who is the father of one of the characters) is foreshadowing the introduction of the Runaways into the MCU, hopefully as a Netflix show.

  8. Don’t worry guys I get Reese Witherspoon and Alicia Silverstone mixed up a lot.

  9. littlewillie610

    For the majority of the episode, I couldn’t tell if Murdock’s fight with Nobu was supposed to be a flashback, flashforward, or some kind of symbolic manifestation of his inner turmoil. Considering how much emphasis had been placed on Daredevil’s refusal to kill his opponents, it was a little odd that he never expressed any real reaction to killing someone by use of immolation.

  10. Me, I can’t tell Tobey MacGuire from Elijah Wood.

  11. I always confuse Kevin Space with John Cusack … and lately Tom Hardy and Gerard Butler 😐

  12. Is Foggy one of the Bash Brothers

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