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The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1992’s 3 Ninjas. Does Rocky love Emily?

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  1. I saw some of this movie about 5 or so years ago, but didn’t make it very far into it. The “cake” high-five is weird but funny. Too bad the coolest-looking guy in the movie was defeated so easily.

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    Yes, the line between goofball and senile insanity is often a thin one.

    …who apparently deals with trading killer weapons designed by Nerf.

    A short, balding senior citizen who’s studied more Japanese buffets than he has Japanese martial arts.

  2. I liked the two movies that were combined
    This is a ok movie
    Cake cos people who are friends tend to make up or use some words for somethings to show there best friends
    One can easily to come up with a plan even in a minute if you haw a good enough of a fantasy
    Hogan made the 4th one work

  3. I believe they meant “Cake” as in “Piece Of Cake”.

  4. Fact: actual ninjas wore very dark blue, but not black. Black is worn in kabuki performance to represent a character or characters unseen by other characters, e.g. when a character is assassinated by an undetected assailant.

  5. This movie only makes me want to see asian joker as a main character in a good movie.

  6. Victor Wong plays the grandpa and no “Big Trouble in Little China” references? For shame.

  7. Akuro_Chikamatsu

    In martial arts, kiai (the screaming before attacking) is meant to do three things.
    1) Warn/Scare your opponent.
    2) Give you a burst of energy via adrenaline.
    3) Tighten the abdominal muscles so if and when you take a strike there, the force of the blow is stopped there instead of continuing through you. (Because if a well trained martial artist hits you in the stomach, you will feel it all the way through your gut and to your back. It WILL put you down!)

    That being said, kiai is generally not a constant scream as seen here, but instead a short and powerful yell. What those ninjas are doing is just… screaming. And if you are a ninja, you probably want to lay off the noise entirely. Also, the kids kiai at every chance. This isn’t technically wrong, but generally martial artists down kiai with every strike and counter. But then again, it’s usually at the martial artist’s discretion, unless you are preforming kata (routines of karate movements that are meant to show off the style; I’m not sure if other martial arts have kata though.) Still, I think they kinda look silly and the kiais are weak. That’s my opinion though.

    …Does it bother anyone else that in a lot of these movies people seem to have the mistaken impression that the Sais are a stabbing weapon?

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