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How is it a cartoon of Adam Sandler is even less funny than the real Adam Sandler?

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  1. I’ve never understood why people don’t like Adam Sandler. To me, he’s not a hit or miss entertainer, he’s an entertainer that hits the mark more often than not and only occasionally makes a stinker. And this movie is far from a stinker. It’s hilarious, heart-moving, and that line at the end by Elanore in the mall is pure gold.

    That’s not why he played ball in that scene. He just did it to shut those dick head up. Bonding with the kid and working his way to winning Jen back was a bonus.

    To be fair, I think most of the people who saw the poop related scenes thought they were disgusting, I know I did.

    My only problem with the products snapping Davey out at the end there is that we’re never told if it’s some sort of spiritual intervention or drunken hallucination or what it is.

    Granted Whitey’s voice can be a little grating at times, i honestly didn’t know that Sandler did so many voices in this picture. that’s pretty amazing to me.

    You have to give them this much: the songs are pretty damn good.

    Oh, and to the claim that this is the worst holiday special you’ve ever seen Mr. Critic, what about the Star Wars one? you can’t possibly think that one is better than this

    • Guys, I think Adam Sandler found the review.

    • TheSuicidalTeddybear

      This one is much worse than the Star Wars Holiday Special*, that one is atleast so bad it’s good. Eight Crazy Nights is one of those movies i almost puked the first time I saw it, no joke! And this isn’t because of Adam Sandler; I saw this movie 5 years ago. Everything about it is beyond disgustingly unlikable, horrendously annoying and unbelievably lazy. Who the fuck that this, FUCKING THIS, warrented such beautiful animation? They most have been insane…

  2. eight crazy nights happens to be one my guilty pleasures, its funny how alot of the movies the critic reviews i like but my aunt and uncle hate lol , dungeons and dragons , battle field earth , water world , the post man , the martrix , terminator , i happen to like Keanu Reeves and Kevin Costner Arnold Schwarzenegger Mako and a few other s you have reviewed

  3. I don’t HATE this movie, one or two things in it were fine to me…but I do recognize it as loathsome. I haven’t seen Sandler’s dramatic movies outside of Click (which was SO damn weak…), but as far as comedy is concerned, he’s a lost cause. Never go to one of his movies again, even out of curiosity, he is JUST. NOT. WORTH IT.

  4. This movie is a lot better in my language because Whitey has another voice actor and some jokes are changed.
    For example, in the court escene Adam says that he has to pull his pants down to us his third lef to jump.

  5. Late Nakagawa Ryou

    Despite everything, I actually like the song sung by the mascots

  6. Adam Sandler’s old man voice makes Justin Roiland’s Mr Meeseeks and Lemongrab voice sound soothing to the ears.

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