A Kid In King Arthur’s Court – Nostalgia Critic

There are few movies that make you want to forgot everything that you just watched; this is one of those movies.

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  1. I saw this once or twice as a kid and liked it, but that was probably because I already liked the movie Camelot and this seemed like a cousin to that movie or something like that. The clips in this review look stupid, so it probably is.

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    Hey, act like the ball isn’t going to rape you and then you can talk back to the players!

    …come across a mystical toilet that apparently holds Merlin for some reason.

    So they sneak her out under the cover of daylight…

  2. This is a stupid movie
    Your the only one who is finding it hot
    Lesbians are not hot and incest is sick
    Skilled blacksmith is skilled
    Never want to see it
    Its so easy to make a good version of this movie but no we haw this shit

    • Hey, first off, I can agree with the movie being stupid, but how the hell are lesbians not hot?! Also, don’t nock it till you try it ♪incest incest is the best, put your sister to the test♪. I will find it most odd if you reply to this, considering it’s been 7 months since you posted your message.

  3. Question: How could they possibly screw up a classic by Mark Twain?
    Answer: They found a way.

  4. My mom rented this for my brother and me during a really boring Summer vacation. I wound up getting bored and leaving to do something else halfway through.

    I really like this review. All the “Calvin scared of baseballs” jokes are gold. 🙂

  5. anonexistentuser

    Fun fact: there’s a sequel.

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