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Pray for me… I have to review A Troll in Central Park.

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  1. personally, even when I was a wee-lil’shit, I thought this was a stupid movie.
    the only problem for me, was it was also so forgettable… no, LITERALLY forgettable.
    I mean, I would watch it, get bored with it, then not soon or so after a while, forget about it completely.
    it’s story, it’s setting, it’s plot (all 3 of which were pretty much non-existent), it’s characters, their personalities, Everything. so I would be fooled to watch it again, only to get bored with it again, and forget it all again.
    it was a matter of time, but the movie seemed to accidentally suffer a bitter fate of coincidentally be under a sledge-hammer 5 or 6 times and spontaneously catch fire from a blow torch that just, happened to spit fire out of nowhere at it… could have happened to any movie, but that one was just unanimously unfortunate. weird.
    but yeah, this was a very crappy movie. ya may have only shown half the pandering in this review,
    but in all reality, you showed the whole actual story & plot in it. so yeah,
    there was nothing to this,.. “movie”, at all. just pander & fluff… and FUCK, was it a brain-ache and a half…

  2. The Nostalgia Critic, actually caring what exactly you’ve sat the kids down to watch for an hour so you don’t have too.

  3. Ah, this one. this is one of my favorite reviews. Just something about it seems nostalgic to me (insert nostalgic for nostalgia critic joke here). probably cause this was one of the first ones i watched, it has a special place in my heart

  4. This is a shit movie
    Stanley is dum
    The queen is a sweet transvestite
    Stanley is a pedophile
    The queen is so stupid
    I don’t mind what he did to the city and its not as bad as you make it out
    The economy will be fine

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