Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic sits through this crapfest, but then finds something much much better!

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  1. This is one of my favorite reviews, it cracks me up and anytime I’m down I watch it and get cheered up. Also I think the existence of that first sonic show is what got the other cancelled because people got them confused. It was too bad too because I used to watch it back then.

  2. Never heard of the first show. Saw one episode of the second one as a kid and thought it looked cool, but had no idea what time/channel it was on by the end of the day. Love how the Critic compared the two shows to two very different homework assignments being turned in.

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    Imagine coming across a mentally disabled person who’s not only criminally insane but was also drunk, high and had a whole frontal lobotomy, leaving little to no intelligence left in his brain.

    But what do you expect when you dress like Santa Claus’ sadomasochistic gimp brother.

    I don’t care what drug-induced land you’re in. You cannot blow in your hand and come up with a pumpkin.

  3. I actually remember more than one episode, but I regret seeing all that I saw. especially since when I was a lot younger, I was into sonic, he basically was the Mario of the Sega system for me & a lot of people (they came out with a lot of games for him too. although, some were pretty lame). but when they came out with this show,.. let’s just say that we were HAPPY when that show left & sonic Sat-A.M. came around to replace it. and yes, we were also pissed when it was only one season. you could say that the reputation of “that other show” carried onto Sat-A.M. and they canceled it because of that. which is a damned shame, because the show was awesome.
    although, I will also have to agree with Sage. the sonic anime was pretty bad too, almost worse than adventures of sonic,.. *Almost*. I’d more level them on equal grounds of annoyance & stupidity.
    if you wanna see how shiest the adventures of sonic is, look the show up on Netflix, they have all the sonic series’ there, from T.A.O.S, to Sonic Sat-A.M., to all that came after.
    I hear that they are wanting to come out with another sonic show. I just hope they do good on that one.

  4. The first is stupid
    The second is very great
    You should check Sonic Underground cos its kinds like a sequel to the second one

  5. One joke that’s never funny from the Critic is the anti _-ite jokes. Why? Because they make no sense! According that logic if I’m racist against black people I’m anti-black-ite. Who the fuck talks like that!

  6. LOL I use to watch the Adventures of Sonic when I was stoned and when I was sober I would watch Sonic the good one LOL. And when I was in the mood for chaos inducing rage I would play Sonic Spinball.

  7. I hated Adventures of Sonic as a kid, and I put up with a lot of crap back then, mainly because it would come on a lot more often than the other one. I remember they stopped showing the good one a lot sooner than Adventures, and I was highly pissed.

  8. I’m glad I never saw, or heard, of the first one.

    I’m disappointed that I’ve never seen the second one.

  9. Reese Witherspoon was raped. Pass it down.

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